Posted by: franklynchusa | July 10, 2008

Frank Lynch Is the New Ideological Leader of the Democratic Party

Frank Lynch registered as a Democratic Presidential candidate in the summer of 2007 because all the Democratic candidates for President had nothing on their websites but stale, obsolete rhetoric left over from Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign, and we all know how the Carter Presidency turned out:

Jimmy Carter disavowed Iran, the staunchest ally America ever had, and turned the nation over the the most radical Shiite militia that ever existed, who are now developing nuclear weapons, the missile to deliver them, and murdering our troops every day. Thank you Jimmy Carter!


Not satisfied with that debacle, Carter gave away the Panama Canal which is now controlled by a Communist Chinese company.


 To uplift our Party’s issues, I ran for President in 2007-2008 at I made the tremendous investment of time, blood, sweat and tears to run for President, knowing full well that I could never get our Party’s nomination.


Nevertheless I chose to run because I thought it unacceptable that at July 20, 2007, even after seven long months into the campaign, every single one of the other candidates’ platforms and websites failed to include Universal Healthcare (except Kucinich), Energy Independence, Free College, Extending Education, Free Daycare, Plug-In Cars, Windfarms, 20 million New Green Jobs, and Talking to Our Enemies. My goal was to get these and other issues included by our Party.


After I posted these issues on my five websites of more than 180 pages including, succeeded in getting on the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary ballots of some states and threatened to get on all 50 ballots, and got covered on West Palm Beach television five times the day Hillary was in my town and she did not get on TV (did that bother her staff?), and conducted a major behind the scenes, wholesale campaign using Faxes and Certified mail linked to my websites to promote these issues to the 50 Chairpersons of the 50 State Democratic Party organizations and the DNC, suddenly all these issues magically appeared as major components of Obama’s and Clinton’s platforms and websites, and became central to our Party’s Core Issues.


Having achieved that successful contribution to our Party, and for the sake of Party Unity, I withdrew as a Presidential candidate, but will continue working and blogging to improve our Party and our candidates’ issues. This was so successful that today all these issues have become our Party’s Core Issues, and most people forget that on July 20, 2007, none of our candidates for President were pushing these issues.


Even Hillary had not revived her Universal Healthcare after its defeat in 1993, ignored it for 14 years, until I televised it during her visit.


I am now seeking to further our American goals of bringing true equality to every person in America by establishing a new, non-profit, innovative University of Medicine, Bioscience, Math and Engineering dedicated to training teachers to teach these vital subjects and cure our catastrophic, nation-destroying shortage of 3,000,000 medicine, math and science teachers at, named after my deceased father. I take no compensation, serving as Chancelor without pay.


Please join me at in adopting more progressive issues to move America a hundred years into the future, with complete equality of education and opportunity for every person in America, as rapidly as possible. is my broad based publicly supported charity, also named after my deceased father who was born in bone-crushing poverty, that will spend every dollar inside America on America’s Forgotten Poor, the direct opposite of so many charities that send most dollars overseas. I keep the administrative cost and overhead truly low, so more of your donations shall reach the intended than with any other charity, and again, I serve without pay.


Here are just a few examples of true ideological leadership by Frank Lynch:


John McCain’s Electric Car Contest Created by a Year Ago

John McCain’s contest to reward anyone who invents better batteries for plug-in electric cars was actually invented by a Democratic Presidential Candidate Frank Lynch who posted the contest on his presidential campaign website on July 20, 2007, a year before John McCain announced the contest as though he had thought of it!
Sadly, the Democratic Party full time staffs decided to exclude Frank Lynch from the debates and from the state ballots for the Democrat Presidential primary elections, thereby depriving the American voters of a chance to evaluate Frank’s Top Ten List, which would have lifted America a hundred years into the future in only eight years.
 Mr. Lynch is now devoting his time to building up Frank Lynch University to cure our nations shortage of 3,000,000 math, medical, science and engineering teachers.
In addition, Frank Lynch is establishing the Frank Lynch Foundation to alleviate poverty inside of America instead of doing as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are doing, sending hundreds of millions of dollars overseas. when millions of our fellow Americans are in dire need.


  1. I will write-in Hillary no matter what the ballot will look like on the Election day. Go on, Hillary!

  2. Thanks for the post

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