Posted by: franklynchusa | August 22, 2008

Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq: We Fought for Nothing

Gen. Petraeus achieved the defeat of Al Quaeda in Iraq by enlisting the Sunnis to overthrow the Al Queada foreigners, and by promising them a role in the government of Iraq.

Unfortunately the Shiite government is too clever by half. Now that the Sunnis have sent Al Quaeda packing and the Shiites no loger need them, the Shiites have sent their US equiped and trained army into the field with the assignment of arresting all the armed Sunnis who have been helping us!

Now the Iranian controlled Iraqi government is committing ethnic cleansing against the Sunni allies of America, and we are preparing to leave.

Iran will control the entire MidEast.

Both Nobama and McSleep are too stupid to notice this disaster, let alone deal with it.

We shall face a new world war, with Russia and Iran united.


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