Posted by: franklynchusa | September 22, 2008

Ford Refuses to Sell 65 mpg Car in US

Ford is introducing a car that gets 65 miles per gallon in Europe but will not sell it in America because, get this, it would cost $350 million to build the factory here and Ford is burning through $1,000 million a month in US losses.


That means the factory could be paid with only ten days losses???!!!???

This is a perfect example of why Ford and GM should be permitted to go bankrupt: they are incredibly badly managed.

Or should we have a revolution?

Can we legally revolt and kick out the entire Board of Directors and Officers of Ford and GM?

Are Sarah Palin, John McCAin or Barack Obama capable of exercising any leadership here”?

For more on this great new car and Ford’s incompetent management, see:’t-Have


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