Posted by: franklynchusa | November 10, 2008

Support Our New President

As a former 2008 Democratic Party candidate for President, I respectfully urge every American, for the good of our Nation, to overcome the rancor among those who did not vote for Barack Obama.

I am relieved, and all Americans should be relieved, that we did not experience the unfortunate circumstances of recent Presidential elections with hanging chads and a President chosen by the courts. We should all be happy and proud that, even in my home county of Palm Beach, Florida, the election system worked well.

Barack Obama won a clean and fair election with a clear majority. It is the patriotic duty, it is the obligation of every person in America who believes in the Democracy created by our Founding Fathers, regardless of party affiliation, to join with me in giving our new President our complete support.

Our beloved Nation is in a time of crisis far worse than anything experienced in my lifetime of 66 years. It is urgent for the well-being of us all that our new President succeed.

Accordingly, I beseech you one and all to give your utmost support to Barack Obama.


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