Posted by: franklynchusa | December 5, 2008

Ford Screws America: Ford Will Not Sell a Plug In Car in the US but Will Build and Sell One In China

Ford screws America at same time they want taxpayers to bail them out. Ford’s CEO refuses to develop or build plug-in cars in the US “until we see evidence there is more demand for electric cars” which he said on television a few months ago.

How stupid and incompetent is this man? How dare Congress even consider giving him 50 cents, let alone billions of dollars?

 But wait, it gets even worse!

On CNBC today December 5, 2008, I watched the announcement of the US and China signed an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. As part of that agreement Ford Motor Company agreed to build plug-in electric cars in China for sale in the China internal market.

Ford won’t build them here. Ford will do the research and development in China. Ford screws America.

Ford’s CEO said he will work for a salary of $1 next year if Ford takes taxpayer funds. But he did not say anything about his Christmas bonus this year. Watch him pay himself $30,000,000 year end bonus, and then pretend to be honorable when he workd for $1 next year.

Since nothing else has  worked, I regret that I must recommend that we nationalize Ford, GM and Chrysler and force them to stop building SUVs and convert all the SUV factories to plug-in electric cars and natural gas vehicles.

Their executives and their Boards of Directors are an exceptional combination of stupid, incompetent, corrupt and incredibly uninformed. They are hopeless and the  only way to get rid of them is to nationalize the auto makers before they pay tens of millions in year end bonuses which the taxpayers will never recover.

While we are at it, we must get rid of everybody in Congress, and pass a Constitutional Amendment that nobody who has ever served more than two years as a Senator or Representative may become President, because Congress is infected with the incurable virus that cause brain damage. have you ever watched Congressmen and Senators on CSPAN? How can we ever let them be President?

Recall that on my website as candidate for President in July 2007, I recommended plug-in cars at a time when neither Obama, Clinton nor any candidate of any party even knew there was such a thing as plug in electric cars.

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