Posted by: franklynchusa | December 15, 2008

Gov. Blagojevich Teams Up With Barack Obama To Teach Us Everything We Need To Know About Political Corruption

People ask where I get this information about the 5th Congressional District.

The answer is simple. I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago near the Illinois Central railroad tracks, in between the bungalow where Michelle Robinson grew up with her Democratic precinct captain father, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Church. Like Michelle’s father, I was a Chicago precinct captain, and have personal experience in how the infamous Illinois machine operates.

I used my own money to start and operate an advanced multi-ethnic community preschool in a Chicago church basement long before Obama became a community organizer in a church basement, and long before they invented Project Headstart.

First, we must understand the key to Chicago politics, the 5th Congressional District, the quintessential heart of Chicago politics. It is an unnaturally shaped district that gives meaning to the obnoxious term “gerrymandering.”

Mayor Daley, the Man from DeLasalle

The 5th also included the homes of both the Mayors Richard Daley, father and son, the most powerful men in America, and his siblings. For 40 of the last 50 years, including today, every Mayor of Chicago came from The De LaSalle Institute, a small elite Catholic high school where I went to school with the current Mayor Daley. His brother William, Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce, was a class behind us. De LaSalle is, surprise, surprise, in the 5th District. As I said, the 5th is the quintessential heart of Chicago politics, and now the 5th   it seems, is the heart of US National politics.

I transferred out of the De LaSalle Institute to a different Catholic school, Leo High School, so I could associate with a better class of people.

On the subject of Mayor Daley, the media have avoided analyzing the fascinating fact that Obama’s wife was handmaiden to Lucifer, as the Personal Assistant to Mayor Daley. One cannot begin to imagine what she learned in that position. Many crooked pols are turned in by irate personal assistants, so Daley’s survival depends on the discretion of his assistant. Whatever her duties were, she performed them so well that she moved on to a very senior position at the heart of the largest center of looting the taxpayers. In Chicago, that is building, tearing down, and rebuilding public housing, a giant activity.

Valerie Jarrett, head of Chicago Department of Development, hired Obama’s wife as Assistant Director of Development. Jarrett’s father had made millions building the Taylor Housing Projects for the city that were later torn down as uninhabitable. So naturally Daley put her in charge of development. It has been alleged that Obama would prepare the applications for his law clients, including Tony Rezko, to get taxpayer money for building city housing projects, and Jarrett and Michelle would approve them, making millions for Obama’s clients, and tidy legal fees for Obama. The majority of those projects are now in disrepair, cited for code violations, awaiting demolition, and/or in bankruptcy. A lot of people got rich, and the poor and the taxpayers got looted.

Jarrett was Obama’s choice to replace him in the Senate, and dummy Blagojevich dared ask for something in return. Jarrett was one of the top three people in Obama’s Presidential campaign, and is Senior Advisor in the White House. Is it possible she will be awarding public housing project contracts as part of the stimulus bill? Can you hear the dollars flushing down the toilet?

All of this truly established the two Obama’s as part of the Daley machine. The ultimate proof is that Obama has fanatically avoided any mention of his and Michelle’s relationships with Mayor Daley. It is as if Barack never even bumped into the Mayor in the hallway. This is not credible.

If the Mayor’s machine exercises such detailed and organized control over everything that happens in Chicago, to the point where they drilled down to the level of my basement preschool looking for payoffs, can you imagine the detailed control they exercise over the titanic expenditures for construction of public housing, with all the opportunities presented for over-charging, payoffs, kickbacks, substandard construction and billing from phony companies?

Here was Obama’s wife as the Assistant director of “Development.” Can anyone believe that the Mayor never met or spoke with the husband of his trusted assistant director of zillions of expenditures? Daley would have controlled Barack closely because Michelle would know what all the dirty deals were; who paid what to whom. City expenditures this large require absolute trust and confidence to avoid the scrutiny of the FBI, and both Obama’s must have proved their dependability to Lucifer, or they would have suffered the fate of Blagojevich.

Illinois 5th Congressional District

Although it is hard to understand today, there was a time when parts of Chicago voted Republican. The Democrats created the weird misbegotten shape of the 5th Congressional District to ensure it would always only elect Democrats to Congress.

It worked. Also, it proved that power corrupts, not once, not twice, but forever and ever, filthy corrupt pol after filthy corrupt pol, seemingly without end.

Example Number One.Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, who has forgotten more about political wheeling and dealing than most people will ever know, was elected from the 5th for 35 years, from 1959 to 1994.

Since Dandy Dan was elected from the 5th, naturally he took the 5th during his trial for corruption, and spent serious time in the Federal jails.

Dandy Dan was the infamously corrupt Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee for almost 14 years, the head of the gang of thugs that decides how to spend all the taxes you and I pay, and then spends trillions of dollars more, plunging the Nation into debt, now more than $34,748.88 of debt for every man, woman and child in America. Almost nobody understands that this Committee controls ALL SPENDING of the Federal government.

Example Number Two. Another Democrat, Rod Blagojevich, was the immediately previous US Congressman from the 5th. Rod is now the infamous governor of Illinois who is currently out on bail, but whom I think will spend time in jail. Now some people say he is a crook.

Say what? He is a Chicago politician. He is from the 5th District! To call him a crook is like saying wolves eat living things. I mean, like, Chicago is in Illinois, isn’t it? Remember, the first President from Illinois, Abe Lincoln, the guy who purchased ownership of newspapers so he could control what they wrote about him and “spin” his election to the Presidency.

As an aside, although it is relevant in establishing the rampant culture of corruption in Illinois politics, of the past eight Governors of Illinois, five were indicted, four went to jail, one is still in jail, and the last appears soon to join him in jail. I am not expert on the jail records of the Governors of all the other States, but it does appear that Governors of Illinois are more likely to be jailed than any other State. It may explain why Obama did not run for Governor. Not because it is a corrupt position, but because you are more likely to get caught. When was the last time a President went to jail?

Blagojevich’s main offense was simple: if he was going to follow Barack Obama’s wish to appoint Valerie Jarrett to Obama’s Senate seat, Blagojevich wanted for his wife the same thing Obama had gotten for his wife, nothing much, just a simple little a $350,000 a year no show job, preferably from a prestigious non-profit such as Obama had gotten for Michelle from the University of Chicago.

It is not as though Blagojevich and Obama are strangers. Rahm Emanuel told the Chicago Sun Times that during Blagojevich’s gubnatorial campaign, Rahm, Obama and David Axelrod had weekly strategy meetings to help Blagojevich get elected. What Rahm failed to say was that after Rahm got rich overnight on Wall Street and came home to buy a really big mansion in Chicagoland, what was it, $4 or $5 million, the real estate commission wnet to Blagojevichs’s wife, who also got the commission for Obama’s mansion. Clearly, this cannot be Rahm Emanuel and Obama practising Chicago “Pay to Play.” Or are they just smarter on how to disguise the payments. These “commissions” on real estate normally would total between $300,000 and $500,000, so we are not talking about who paid the taxi fare. This could be serious “Pay to Play.”

Oh, surprise, David Axelrod also lives inside the 5th.

After all, they are all Democratic politicians from Chicago, aren’t they? This is the “Chicago Way” that Obama agreed to, and played according to its dirty little rules for his entire career. This is the system that accounted for all of Obama’s legal fees, and won every election for him. Nobody told poor Blagojevich that the rules changed?

Blagojevich failed to understand that Obama was no longer a corrupt politician still practicing the “pay to play” “Chicago Way” of paying for every favor. Suddenly life is different in the 5thDistrict. Obama has been elected as the leader of the entire Progressive Liberal World, both here and internationally, head of the New World Order that so many have feared, by the Mainstream Media, by the graduate of the De LaSalle Institute, and with confirmation by ACORN.

We even clowned around with an election to rubber stamp the appointment.

So Obama no longer has to pay for favors. Worse, if anyone, even a Democratic Governor, fails to honor God’s Will, then the media will brand him a nutcase, a deranged criminal in need of psychiatric care in the Federal penitentiary. And without actually getting explicit instructions engraved in stone tablets from high upon the Mount, the FBI just knows it should arrest the impertinent offender.

God knows, there is enough crime and corruption in the doings of any politician from Illinois, let alone one from the 5th, to fill in the blank spaces on a Federal Arrest Warrant.

Example Number Three. Rod was succeeded in the 5thby still another Democrat, Rahm Emanuel, who according to Wikipedia, is named after his uncle Rahm, whom Wikipedia suggests was one of the group who invented that modern wonder of political expression by under-appreciated minorities, the car bomb. The group of which Wikipedia says Uncle Rahm was a leader packed several tons of TNT into a truck and drove it through the lobby and into the elevator bank of the main hospital in Jerusalem. This act of terrorism, oops, I mean “Freedom Fighting” was even celebrated in James A. Michener’s famous book “Exodus.”

The explosion totally destroyed and devastated the hospital, killing hundreds of innocent civilians, most of whom were fellow Jewish patients. It so disgusted and horrified the British that Rahm’s mad dog terrorists were willing to massacre their fellow Jews in hospital beds, that the Brits withdrew from Palestine, and Israel became an independent state. When Israel celebrates Rahm’s family’s contribution to the independence of Israel, they conveniently omit mentioning the hundreds of Jews slaughtered in their hospital beds by the man after whom he is named.

But there is more on Rahm from the 5th. Obama said he had never spoken with the governor about the Senate seat, which could be true, given how toxic the scandal-plagued Blagojevich was, but Obama never said his staff had not done so. Hmm!

Which raises several questions:

Did Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod, both of Chicago, never speak to the governor about the Senate appointment? Did Barack’s aides all treat Blagojevich as a political leper and not communicate to him any interest in or concern about whom he might appoint to succeed Obama?

This defies belief.

The FBI tapes have Blagojevich referring to Obama with “that motherf—–r won’t offer me anything but gratitude.” So obviously the Governor had been in communication with Obama’s apparatchiks. Is it possible it was his successor in the 5th, Rahm who sends dead fishes to his opponents? And who tipped off the FBI that Blagojevich wanted more than gratitude? Are the FBI the dead fish Rahm sent to the Governor? To  misquote Hamlet, methinks something is rotten inside the chummy Democratic Party’s 5th district.

In summary, of three of the Democrats who recently occupied Chicago’s 5th district Congressional Seat for the past 30 years, (during which time none of them performed their sworn duty to the Nation, never did anything to solve our energy crisis, Medicare or Social Security crisis) one went to jail, the second appears about to go to jail, and the third is Obama’s Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff, surprise, surprise, says he knows nothing about the criminal activities of the guys who had the seat before him. I have no reason not to believe him. Since he is a friend of Obama’s, it is obvious that he must be, he just has to be, he absolutely has to be, the only one of the three Democrat Congressmen from the 5th District to be clean, honest and trustworthy. Right? Isn’t that easy to believe?

Oh, I almost forgot that both Blagojevich and Obama were close friends for twenty years with another felony jailbird. That current inhabitant of the Federal penitentiary is a Syrian named Rezko.

The same Rezko who offered Obama a job, and who was the main client of the law firm where Obama instead chose to work. No coincidence in that choice. The same Rezko who overpaid for that empty lot attached to Obama’s mansion, and thereby helped Obama get $60,000 off the price of his mansion. Breaking news! Allegedly the empty lot is still titled as Obama’s, but convicted felon Rezko allegedly had a mortgage on it, which should have required Obama to sign as collateral for Rezko’s loan?

Even worse, it is alleged the real estate broker is Gov. Blagojevich’s wife, who could have made up to $200,000 in commissions off Obama.  Does that count as Obama paying Blagojevich? Does this smell like “the Chicago Way?”

Having viewed all these intertwined activities among six Democrats in the 5th, one must place them in perspective. Mayor Richard Daley, my classmate from the De LaSalle Institute, is believed to control everything that happens in Chicagoland. As an example of how far down into the smallest details controlled by Daley’s apparatus, when the Daley machine was less developed and his father was Mayor/Dictator, I was applying for the permit to open my church basement preschool. I was called in to the Building Department to review the application. This appeared strange, because it was merely a preschool in a church basement. The only action should have been a site inspection by a construction guy, but that never happened. To my surprise, instead of meeting with a building clerk, I was shown into a designer office the size of the President of Merrill Lynch’s office. The “building clerk” was a sophisticated, well coiffed and manicured Irishman with just a touch of the 5th district accent, esconced behind a giant carved desk ,wearing an elegant custom made suit and custom shirt with huge Tiffany cufflinks identical to the pair I coveted but could not yet afford. He never spoke of the details within the scope of the building department. For twenty minutes he asked about the dollar amount of the investment for the preschool, where we purchased the equipment, who were the owners, what fees would I charge, what total annual revenue was projected, and the size of the profit. He seemed to be fishing for a “PalmShake” the Chicago way. When I convinced him that it was intended to not make a profit and would reinvest any surplus for the benefit of the children, so there was no room for “gratuities,” he let me go.

The preschool opened without ever being visited by an inspector to ensure the safety of the children.

 Rezko was a prominent fundraiser for, and also a large personal contributor to both Blagojevich and Obama. No coincidence there? A trio joined at the waist by money and influence. So after all this helping Obama, Rezko goes to jail, and the Governor is arrested?

The moral to this story? One, if you are a fundraiser for Obama, do not raise funds for other politicians, even if they are Democrats.

The second lesson? If Obama asks you for a favor, do not ask for anything in return, just do it!

Numbers One, Two and Three of the five have been arrested so far. Numbers One and Two went to jail, and Number Three appears sure to follow.

Number Four is the go-between Rahm Emanuel who heard no evil, saw no evil, and did no evil; whose family might have invented, and used, the car bomb; who just like Tony Soprano, sends dead fish to his opponents; and is the Chief of Staff for Number Five.

Number Five is the one who held weekly strategy meetings to get Blagojevich elected; who got $60,000 off the price of his mansion (allegedly bought from a real estate broker who is Mrs. Blagojevich, who could have made up to a $200,000 commission from Obama)  with the financial aid of a convicted felon tied to Blagojevich; who got a $350,000 a year no show job for his wife with a prestigious, politically correct nonprofit in exchange for a $1,000,000 earmark of taxpayer money to her employer, which sure looks like “the Chicago Way, Pay to Play;” who initially said he never talked to Blagojevich, just like he initially said that he never talked to Rev. Wright, or to Rezko, or to Farrakhan, or to Bill Ayres; who fanatically has avoided the subject of whether he ever talked with Mayor Daley (even though his wife Michelle was the Personal Assistant to Mayor Daley. What a spectacular unreported story lurks there); and who is about to be sworn in as our President.

 Change you can believe in!

We are all looking forward with great interest to the next four years of Change.

P.S. Who will be Number Six?

Number Ten?

Number Hundred and Ten?

 So, in summary, we discussed five prominent career politicians who live and work in the same Democrat Party as Mayor Daley, in the same 5th Congressional District, and who appear to be intertwined.  Boy, are they ever intertwined.

How did they ever decide which ones  would go to jail, and which one would be President?

Did the graduate of the  De LaSalle Institute decide?

If you have learned nothing else from this article, at least you now know which Catholic prep school to attend if you wish to acquire the power to choose who will be President.

© 2008 -2009 Frank Lynch USA LLC


  1. I had heard about the 5th Congressional District and now I understand its importance in national politics

    what a wonderful post!


  2. Thanks for the great inside analysis
    keep on blogging and run for President again

  3. Frank

    your insight into Chicago politics is super

    Especially like the part about transferring out of the high school where Mayor Daley was to associate with a better class of people

    keep on blogging

    but do not run for office in Illinois

  4. I kept wondering about why Obama was not speaking about who should replace him in the Senate until I read your blog.

    You are the new authority on chicago politics, and maybe on national politics

  5. you really gotta admire Barack obama for keeping himself above the corruption of all the other crooked pols in Illinois

    I am so glad he didn’t try to bribe Gov Blagojevich

    ha ha

  6. […] Gov. Blagojevich Teams Up With Barack Obama To Teach Us Everything We Need To Know About Political C… People ask where I get this information about the 5th Congressional […]

  7. Thanks for the URL’s and they are now in my comments! I like your post so have also put you on my blog list.

  8. Blagojevich has been so successful at making himself and his office look ridiculous that about a million people are now able to remember and maybe even spell his crazy name — that’s sort of like an accomplishment, right?

  9. […] Former Chicago Precinct Captain Talks About Blagojevich and Obama Here are the unreported relationships between Blagojevich, Obama, Mayor Daley, Rezko, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod revealed by a former Chicago precinct captain.… […]

  10. Frank, Where’s the back up for these assertions?

  11. Backup for the Chicago Annenberg Challelenge CAC with William Ayres is the University of Illinois Library on the Chicago Campus. After Ayres and Obama spent the $110 million, and could not get more money because they failed to get any result, Ayres and Obama donated the corporate minute books to the library. You can call up the reference librarian and she will arrange for you to read them.

    The directors’ minutes include entries like “Dr. Ayres proposed a motion to appoint Barack Obama to serve as president. The motion was duly seconded and passed by a unanimous vote of the Board.”

    Spanning seven years, the minutes include motions for every giveaway and misappropriation of $110 million to community action groups, every one proposed by Obama. Most of the money went to groups affiliated with Acorn. Not a single penney was ever given to any school.

    This and more is all contained in the seven years of corporate minutes of the CAC, available to the press and public, but according to the reference librarian, not more than six people had ever signed in at the reference desk to read them, and none of the mainstream media ever bothered to read them.

  12. Interesting theories Frank.

    Thanks for the compliment about my blog.

  13. Thanks for the comment. You’ve got a lot of really interesting information here… actually, it’s fascinating. I think I know a lot more about Illinois now than I ever wanted to.

    I’m definitely of a wait-and-see mentality on Obama, because I don’t necessarily think that just because he came out of Chicago automatically means that he’s completely corrupt. The man is certainly a gifted orator, but it’s really going to come down to what he can do for our country.

    Either way though, I’d rather have an ineffective president than another Republican war-monger in the Oval Office, so I’ll take Obama any day over anything the Republican party has to offer right now, until they clean up their act and get back to their fundamentals of smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

  14. The Republicans certainly have self destructed in their own perverted world of corruption.
    My purpose is not to choose between sides, but rather to hold whoever is in office to scrutiny in hopes of improving their conduct.
    When any leader realizes that they are not getting away with misconduct, there is a tendancy to improve what they are doing.
    Accordingly, my message is not to condemn Obama, but to encourage him to improve, so that every American, regardless of party, is better served.

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