Posted by: franklynchusa | December 16, 2008

Stop Abusing Foreign Aid

Don’t we want foreign aid to help lift up the people of poor countries?

Or do we want it to be handouts of tax dollars to giant US companies without helping people?

Here is totally unacceptable abuse that Barack Obama must stop. All figures are for 2008, and will get worse next year.

Israel got $2,400,000,000. Virtually all of it was to purchase weapons from US manufacturers. This is a prime complaint of the Muslim world, and is aired on Al Jazeera constantly.

Egypt got $1,700,000,000 of money taken from your family. $1,300,000,000 purchased weapons from US conglomerates. But Egypt was the best, if you can call this deformity the best. We call it the best because $100 million went for education! Isn’t that wonderful? 7.5 percent for helping uplift lives, 90 percent for death.

Barack Obama’s cousin Odingo, the Church Burning Muslim, in Kenya got $586,000,000, with most of it earmarked to fight HIV/AIDS. Supposedly! Want to bet a lot of our tax dollars will go to Odingo’s Islamic causes?

Nothing allocated to Africa’s  true problem, which is birth control.

Isn’t it time that we changed money from weapons to birth control and education? Get to work, Barack.



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  2. Obama is now talking about spending a trillion dollars, wonder where he thinks that kind of money will come from? I also can see one big earmark after another within bills that he wants passed! We also will see alot of our tax money going to Kenya, I can see helping but the other countries have to pitch in a little more!

  3. I would love to exchange reciprocal links!

    We defiantly need to change the future of America!

  4. Gosh yes. The saddest and cruelest of all, is that what the women of Africa most need, is what our government and many others, refuses to give them. Birth control.

    Can anyone actually believe that a skinny starving woman, who already has children she cannot feed, and children already dead of starvation, longs for the joys of yet one more pregnancy so that she has another child to starve to death?

    This is a belief system run amok to the extreme. These poor woman would be comforted knowing they have a chance to stay alive with their surviving children, without having to divorce or alienate their men. Their men do not approve of birth control, but many women would participate as long as their men were not informed. The women should be offered the choice.

    Now, I bet alot of people of the male persuasion are thinking that I’m morally wrong – that women are made to suffer, and that they should be punished for not rejecting men. This is naivity run amok to the extreme.

    Our foreign aid should be used to let the women and children in Africa live with dignity.

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  7. Foreign aid…that is like the so-called loans to other countries..does that mean when they don’t pay we can repo ?

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