Posted by: franklynchusa | December 17, 2008

Auto Maker Bailout Is Disgusting

I am so disgusted by all the paid, corrupt analysts who say we will lose millions of jobs and go into a depression if any one of the Big Three go bankrupt.

First, where was your concern when the morons in Congress sold themselves for money to let imports take more than half of all the car jobs?

That corruption cost three millions jobs. We need Abe Lincoln’s 47 percent tax on imports if we are to have any jobs left. Globalization is the rape of America.

Second, bankruptcy will save jobs because it will let the companies restructure. The car companies and the union refuse to seriously restructure. In bankruptcy the companies will keep operating, no jobs are lost, except the President and officers of the UAW union will be unemployed. Boo Hoo.

Oh yeah. The other jobs that should be lost are the top hundred highest paying jobs in each car company, because those boobies are who got us into this mess. And no Christmas bonuses.

Bankruptcy today, right now, before lunch, will keep the incompetent executives from collecting their Golden Parachutes.

And let us declare Congress bankrupt and fire all 500 morons who are too stupid to do anything but figure out how to collect bribes without going to jail.

Seriously, in every election for the rest of your life, vote against every incumbent.  That is the best way, in fact it is the only we we will ever get term limits.

And every piece of crap who holds a public office, whether it is your town’s mayor, school board, State officials, Federal Representative and Senator, have all let us down.

When you get your next sample ballot, take the time to find out who the currrent office holders are, and vote them all out. Even the judges.

Our only hope is a totally new government, and the only way is to vote all the incumbents out. Every one, no exceptions.

And every President should be  a one term President.

Any homeless, crazy, drunken, drugged up, degenerate  illiterate is better than the current office holders, all of whom embody all the characteristics mentioned in the first part of this sentance except “homeless.”


  1. Assuming you’re right about the way things would work out in bankruptcy (and I have to make that assumption since I’m not American and don’t know your laws in detail) I can only say, “Damn right!”

  2. Frank The corruption is pretty wicked in the US, no doubt there. Rooting it all out could take centuries of investigation however. It’s bad. Even the politicians are bought and sold. But hey what do we know?
    Blaming the Auto workers for the failure of the bill for the bailout was so low, in my opinion. If there was Universal Health Care, there would have been no problem. Health Care should be for all not just for those who can afford it.
    As for the Question you posed No Problem would be glad to add you.
    But you must answer this for me first
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    Suddenly you see a man floundering in the water. He is fighting
    for his life, trying not to be taken down with the debris. You move
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    Frank Answers:

    Entertaining as the question is, truthfully, I would save any person, regardless of my opinions, and regardless of the price to me, even my own life.

    In fact, I am dedicating, giving up my selfish interests, for the remainder of my life trying to save the future of our nation’s children by seeking equal and excellent education for every child in America at

  3. Hi Franklyn,

    I just found your comment in my spam file. Don’t know why that would be. Anyway, yes, we can exchange links. No problem. Are you a PUMA, or a Dem, Libertarian, how would you describe yourself so I can put you in the right tab.

    You can email me at

    Thanks, Tracy at No Compromise

  4. Read your stuff, found it quite refreshing in someone who calls themselves a Democrat. You assuredly do not fall within the leftist cliche’, and I HAVE added this site to my blogroll. Should you choose to add me to yours, well, you’ve already sent me mail, and you’ve got my address with but a click of the mouse. We may well be able to share thoughts!

    Frank Replies:

    Welcome, you are on my blogroll links!

    You are so right, we must move beyond cliches to leapfrog America a hundred years into the future at

  5. sounds interesting, franklynch. I will be back to peruse more of your ideas.

  6. Hey! You left a comment over at my place, so I thought I’d return the favor. Thanks for the comments, and I’m happy to trade links. I’ve posted one in my links column, and you can link me as “Fastidious” (


  7. Hmm. That didn’t work out then. I guess you decided that you hadn’t read enough lines on my blog to discover I’m a Brit before suggesting an EXCHANGE of links.

    However, interesting site…

  8. Frank Replies:

    Dear cejay

    Yes I saw you are Brit and I love Brits and England even though my name is Irish. Further I want global discussion because although the names change from nation to nation, all of us face the same problems: political corruption, soiled and damaged economies and broken institutions, and pollution.

    In your first comment you did not say you wanted the link exchange. I have added you to my blogroll, and hope you will add to yours.

    We are all inhabitants of one damaged planet that needs improvement.

  9. Thank You!

    Fastidious is on my blogroll and I hope we trade many visitors!

  10. It would be nice if as you say, that all those in congress be replaced by new blood…everyone of them But Obama is supposedly new blood riding on change. The US political scene is so embedded with corruptions and lies that the voters become liars too (to themselves including). Your ideas are great hence they stole it from you which is what they are good at when they feel threatened.

    I wish you well, should you decide to run for the Presidency again.

  11. Frank,

    I have put a link on my page to your site here.

    I like your style.

    Please put my on yours.

    Don’s Conservative Politics


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  12. Thank you for your generous comments.

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    “PureScience TV”

  13. Sounds like a great idea!!

    Thanks, you are on my blogroll links

  14. Good morning. Thanks for replying on my blog.

    Nice blog you have here. Exchanging links would be cool. I’ve added your blog to my list of “Friends and Allies.”

    I think you’ll like the new post I made this morning. It ties in with this post quite well.

    It’s called, “There’s truth in humor.”



  15. Get rid of the UAW and you don’t have to worry about bailing out these companies. It’s called restructuring your way of doing business, which is obviously something these American companies needed to do a long, long time ago.

    Exchange links with me please:

  16. With my pleasure you are on my blogroll links!

    These companies also need new executives and boards of directors

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