Posted by: franklynchusa | December 20, 2008

Better Plug In Cars if Only Taxpayers Bailout More Stupidity

Almost a year and a half ago as part of my Presidential campaign, I posted an initiative to develop improved batteries for plug-in electric cars on July 20, 2007 at  .

I keep the 2008 campaign website up because I want our think tanks, non-profits, scientists, and Obama to continue adopting ideas from the website, not just plug-in cars, but all the Top Ten List, and the rest of my futuristic ideas.

That website provided most of the issues adopted by Obama and the DNC for the 2008 Presidential campaign. In fact, if you see Obama saying or doing anything that is on my website, you know he copied it from me. Why? Because on July 20, 2007, nothing on my website had ever been in any of Obama’s speeches, nor on his websites, nor in his printed material. He copied everything, from my phrase “bold new ideas” to universal healthcare, to energy independence, etc.

That is why I ran for President! None of the other candidates had any of those ideas in their speeches or websites!

 Clinton and Obama never adopted the battery initiative, but immediately after I posted it, Hillary, who had never spoken or written the term “Plug-in car” suddenly visited one of the experimental plug-in car companies raving in wonder at the idea.

John McCain copied it almost word for word and increased the prize money, whereupon the Democrats assaulted it with all the vicious  ridicule they could muster, and that is what the Democratic machine does best.

Look at how the Dems are savaging poor Gov. Blagojevich even though he is one of their own. They are destroying him because he refused to carry out Obama’s wish to appoint Jarrett to the Senate without paying to play the Chicago Way.

But I digress, because savagery demands we look the same way that we look at car accidents and train wrecks.

Back to batteries.

Not far from my childhood home in Chicago is Argonne National Laboratories, originally a key lab in our nation’s nuclear program. During my childhood, our family used to picnic on its extensive lands.

Almost all of our nation’s largest battery companies, including Johnson Controls and 3M, just announced that they are joining together with Argonne National Labs to construct an advanced open foundry to develop lithium rechargeable batteries for use in plug-in cars.

It is nice being the ideological leader! Big Smile!

But wait. Wasn’t there a law against anti-competitive collusion?

My idea was to have a competitive contest. These clowns want restraint of trade.

The only other problem is they want the government to give them billions of dollars to pay for all of it. A billion dollar bailout from their failure to notice what was going on in the world. A failure to anticipate what all we bright people  saw long ago.

Our companies want the government to bail them out as they play catch-up ball from their stupidity. OK, but the government gets a 66 percent royalty interest in the patents!

As evidence that these American companies are way behind, they want to START work on rechargeable batteries while other nation’s are already building cars using what seems beyond our reach. What ever happened to American technological leadership?

I have been complaining for years that leadership in science and technology has passed to China and India, and trying to start a new University to cure our shortage of 3,000,000 math, medical, science and engineering teachers at      Please go there and donate tax deductible to start recovering our nation’s greatness that the boobies in Congress have sold down the river. 

Of course, our companies are closing the barn doors after the horse are out and gone. While our companies are wasting time begging for government bailouts, the Chinese are so far ahead that I cannot decide whether it is comic or tragic.

China announced that they intend to sell plug in cars in the US next year, a full year before GM introduces its Volt plug-in, which GM has been developing since Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs roamed Michigan.

Maybe dinosaurs still do roam Michigan. The same Board of Directors is still mismanaging Ford, GM and Chrysler into extinction, and wanting government bailouts.

We should pass a law against feeding the dinosaurs, except then we would have to let all the Congressmen starve to death.




  1. Frank

    I am onboard with your changes in our political system. I cannot understand how a country of our size and wealth does not have universal healthcare. Free school another YES.. education to me is the key to advancement of a society. Didnt the Gov of Illinios try to sell a Senate Seat. Dont know if I would be feeling sorry for him just yet!!..great post though…Zman sends

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