Posted by: franklynchusa | December 22, 2008

Brainless Biden Part Two

Obama promised us change, and then chose Backwards Biden for his VP.

Biden has been a disaster since the early 1970’s, and continues to be an embarassment.

Especially since, instead of facing the future and working on CHANGE, Biden is wasting his time, our time, and Obama’s political capital by going on TV and looking, not to the future, but to the past with his whineing about Cheney.

Maybe  by spending 36 years in the Senate, he has lost all ability to face towards the future. Another reason why we musy never vote for the incumbent.

Every office holder should only get one term, including Presidents, judges and dogcatchers.


Joe Biden, submit your resignation so we can get someone who looks to the future.

That is what Obama promised. We need the future to be delivered and Biden cannot.


  1. I read somewhere they laugh behind his back and only let him speak out of respect.

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