Posted by: franklynchusa | December 22, 2008

Brainless Joe Biden

I desperately want Obama to succeed, but Joe Biden scares me.

In his recent criticism of Dick Cheney, Joe Biden confused which Articles of the Constitution define the Executive and the Legislative branches of our government.

Now, over the years, and considering the deplorable state of our circumstances, we have become accustomed to stupidity on the part of our elected officials.

What makes Biden’s lack of knowledge of the Constitution especially deplorable, yea, even disgusting are two points that “Buy Me Cheep Biden” might not consider relevant:

First, Biden has been on the Senate Judiciary Committee for thirty six (yes, 36) years.  We need term limits. That Committee deals with things like limits on Constitutional power.

Second, and this is even better, Joe Biden has the audacity to teach Constitutional Law at the University of Delaware.

Oh crap! Obama taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.

Which leads to my final arguments: Never, ever, under any circumstances vote for anyone who is either the incumbent in office, or who has ever been in Congress.

And, if Brainless the Biden is considered qualified to teach Constitutional Law, I am correct that our educational system is in shambles. Please click on and contribute to totally restructuring our broken educational system.


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  2. But, don’t forget, he told us that Obama’s most important word is a 3 letter word:
    jobs, J O B S

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