Posted by: franklynchusa | December 23, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Wants to Change What?

I have never heard Caroline Kennedy say anything of substance in person. Starting her claim for the Senate through a spokesperson is indicative of her closeness to the taxpayers.

We know nothing about her intellect.

Who has heard her say in an interview that she wants to change what, exactly?

Our constitution prohibits establishing royalty. For a Democratic Governor to appoint the mute descendant of royalty seems an affront to democracy and to the right to vote.

What would her Catholic father say about the positions she espoused through her spokesperson?

Muteness is almost always a cover for having nothing to say.

Caroline has more in common with Sarah Pallin than with Barack Obama. Both avoided media interviews and public appearances until it was too late.

Caroline starting her claim to the Senate through a spokesperson is even worse than Sarah Pallin avoiding interviews until it was too late.

At least Sarah Palin had experience as a Mayor, a Governor, and gave a rousing convention speech.

At least, in politics,  Caroline Kennedy has done. . . . What?

Been born to royalty. We need more royalty like we need another Bernie Madoff. 

When I was on Wall Street our brokerages had a tendency to hire descendants of money hoping to get fees off of their families.

Those of us faced with finding something useful for the kids of wealth to do had a saying among ourselves:

“The only thing worse than a rich or prominant man’s child is their grandchild.”

Bush proved the grandchild principle.

Doubtless Caroline can prove the first part.

Why should we further degrade the Senate beneath its already unacceptably low level by adding another mute descendant of the rich and famous royalty?

When a politician is mute, they are saying everything they know.

While her father was tremendously popular, how can the media forget that he started the Vietnam War, bungled the Bay of Pigs and turned Cuba over to the Commies, and promised never to invade Cuba. He did start the Peace Corps. That did some good, but it hardly made a dent.

Had JFK lived, he would have ended up as even more unpopular than George Bush as the Vietnam War savaged into the most unpopular war in America’s history.

Here is an idea. Let us just never again vote for any incumbent office holder?

And especially, never, ever, ever, ever vote for their wives and children.

 Result? Automatic term limits, throw the bums out who got us in all these messes we are bailing out for trillions!

And now it is too late for Caroline to start speaking, because we will all know that she needed the time for other people to create and write the opinions for her.

Empty is empty.



  1. Frank

    Finally I agree with you..No way Caroline Kennedy should get appointed to the NY Senate seat. I dont see in any way she is even remotely qualified. Isnt she a carpetbagger as well. An appt to that seat would be a bigger travesty then what almost happened in Illinois. Being a Kennedy debutante does not qualify you for public office The people of New York should be outraged at this very idea..Zman sends

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  3. Never fear, gang, Caroline won’t be around long: as soon as she is appointed, she starts running for re-election. One solid election victory and she can start her Presidential campaign. We may never see here actually doing whatever it is that Senators do.

  4. I just wanted to post a link to an article that I had read pertaining to your post. Take it for what it is, but I tend to think that the writer of this piece makes some very valid points here.

  5. Frank … I’ll have to disagree with you on this issue … it’s not what politicians say or not say that is important … but rather, in what they vote or propose voting …

  6. The job should go to someone more deserving in the Democratic party. I think the people of New York will be short changed if Kennedy gets it. She ain’t no Ted! The powerful voice they had in Hillary these past few years will be long silent now.
    Not being an American, anyone else better than her in the wings?
    By the way Frank, thanks for your comment on my blog. I found it buried in the ‘spam’ list. Don’t know why. Here’s my link:

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