Posted by: franklynchusa | December 27, 2008

Boycott Lowes Home Improvement Stores!

There is no chance this is not accurate, Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores have way crossed the line.

A woman employee wore a button with the words

 “Merry Christmas, for Christ’s Sake!”

Lowe’s told her to take it off, she refused, they fired her.

Lowe’s lets its employees wear Santa Claus hats.

Wait, I am not even going to write about how Congress has a law that says “Christmas” not the Winter Solstice, is a national holiday.

No discussion is necessary.






  1. I AGREE !!!!

  2. Thank You!

  3. Interesting way to show inconsistency! Lowes should be ashamed of themselves!!

    P.s. You’re added!!


    and so are you.

    Thanks friend

  4. Sure Boycott Lowe’s why not..I think you fell down and smacked your little head..dont businesses i.e. Lowes have the right to tell employees that they cannot wear pins or things like that..wouldnt christmas hats be a luxury…Frank on to something else Zman sends

  5. Okay okay I added you Frank but you either

    Have to win the next presidential election or

    Be voted WordPress Blog of the year

    to remain on my links …Good Luck

  6. Lowe’s Accused Of Firing Woman Over Xmas Pin
    Cocke County, Tenn. (CBS) ―

    [Click to zoom.] Click to enlarge
    Kristie Sutton, a former Lowe’s Home Improvement store employee in Cocke County, Tenn., says she was fired for wearing a Christmas pin to work.

    A Tennessee woman says she was fired just days before Christmas because of the way she was spreading Christmas cheer.

    Kristie Sutton, a former Lowe’s Home Improvement store employee in Cocke County, Tennessee near Knoxville says the problem started all because of a pin she wore to work.

    The pin says “It’s called Christmas, for Christ’s sake”.

    When Sutton admired the pin being worn by a customer, the stranger gave it to her. Neither knew its message would mean trouble for the cashier.

    When a customer complained, the employee was asked to remove the pin due to store policy that no employee should wear a pin supporting a religion.

    Sutton says when she returned from lunch that day, she was fired.

    Sutton admits she was already looking for another job and had planned to put in a two weeks’ notice after Christmas. But she says she’s upset about missing her holiday pay.

    Lowe’s released a statement reading “Personnel matters are confidential, so we’re unable to share any information; however, Lowe’s follows all federal, state and local laws governing employment including laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of religion.”

  7. Look, do men get fired for wearing a Jewish yarmulke on their head in New York City? do ladies get fired for wearing a cross on a chain around their neck? Are priests wearing the collar disbarred from giving speeches on government property? Does a person with ashes on their forehead on Ash Wednesday get fired if they show up at work?

    This hatred of Christmas is becoming absurd, along with the people who take ‘offense’ at it. You know, people who hate the most, usually do it from jealousy/envy. Perhaps people who feel empty and dead inside actually envy those whose religious belief gives them succor. Out of envy, they want all to be unhappy along with them. What is the saying? “Misery loves company”

    Well, you know what? They are a religion as much as any other religion, that is, their belief system explains the causes of our existence, (happenstance) dictates their opinion of who and what god is (a dangerous fairy-tale that threatens mankind with life after death). They do not ‘believe in god’ (a belief system) and want to make their own ‘religion’ (the universe is simply happenstance) the State Religion. However, if they can prove scientifically that god does not exist, they I will be the first to join their religion. In fact, they won’t need their belief system any longer, because there will be proof.

    Meantime, I for one do NOT want to be obliged to HEAR the word ‘Athiest’, see any signs or promotions or MENTION of atheism, see any of their God is Dead bumper stickers. Enough with these atheists putting their beliefs out in the public domain. I won’t put up with them dictating their belief sytem to the country.

    Off with their heads!!

  8. Frank thank you for raising this issue.I hope my comment didn’t come in late? I agree with you.Although i do not believe in people flaunting religion at other people, forcing them to follow their own way of life.However, i feel people have the right to market whatever [including religion] they believe in to whoever they want to.It now depend on the customer to reject any offer if s/he does not want it. America is in Recession because God was deleted from the system.Any Company that fires an employee on the account of Christ sake will soon go bankrupt, we don’t need to fight for God.You just wait,watch and see. LOWES Store will pay dearly for firing that employee.Without anybody fighting it,God will fight it.I am too sure of that.However, if there is a labor union in place; they should act on it without prejudice.Thank you.
    -Olaotan Odunuga

  9. It is really getting ridiculous how Christians Holidays are being treated. It has come to a point when they are being attacked left and right. For whatever reasons, I do not know yet!!! Every other religion seems to enjoy being protected?

  10. I was there today and sad but true 99.999999% of the entire store is china made crap. thats my reason why i will never shop there. please spread the word. or better yet tell your friends to fill up the shopping carts and go to the checkout stand and ask where these are made and when they say made in china start raising your voice saying you dont support anything from china, this will wake people up.

  11. What is offensive is subjective; that’s why there are dress codes. Don’t believe the hype! Obviously this woman already had one foot out the door, and felt the need to create drama on her way out.

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