Posted by: franklynchusa | January 4, 2009

Bill Richardson Dumps Crap On Barack Obama’s New Trend

Obama has established a new track record: supporting Democrat governors who get caught in corruption. Obama helped Blagojevich get elected, and now Bill makes it worse.

Richardson is the second Democratic Governor supported by Obama to stain Obama’s fledgling record. Richardson has a fantastic resume. The fantasy part of the fantastic is the fantasy that he had any idea what he was doing in any of those wonderful positions. He was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Energy.

Look at the wonderful energy policy he left us. Oops. I cannot find it.

And Ambassador to the UN. He left it better than he found it?

Everyplace Richardson ever went, he left a mess for the rest of us to clean up. He kept getting appointed to great jobs because he claims to be Hispanic, but he needs an architect and an engineer to tie his shoes in the morning.

Apparently he is consistent. He left a mess as Governor of New Mexico.

Too bad he didn’t actually get onto Obama’s cabinet.

His performance would ahve been high commedy.

As it is, Obama’s appointing him has a comedy of its own.

Change? Since when is it news when a Democratic Governor gets implicated in corruption. Can you spell B-L-A-G-O-J-E-V-I-C-H, whom Obama helped get elected.

No Change here.



  1. I couldn’t agree more. What it is even worse is the media has barely covered the story. But no suprise there since the liberal media is infatuated with Obama.

    My most recent blog highlights this at

  2. Frank,
    You really laid it heavy on Richardson. I must admit, I am disappointed in the NM Governor. I recall his endorsement of Obama during the primaries. It was electrifying. The last few weeks have seen Richardson’s stock drop faster than the Dow. A real shame. I actually thought he was a frontrunner for the Sec’y of State position. Given this new information, it would have been a MAJOR disaster.
    Nice blog! I have put you on my blogroll. Sorry it took so long but your last comment got caught by my spam filter for some reason. Only got to it today.

  3. I dig your blog and added to my blog role at

  4. Yep. Been wondering where all that change and hope crap went.
    Since the election it has been a Clinton administration redo with this tossed in the mix, really showing the politics as usual of Washington.

    And as has been said, where is the media?

    Asleep at the wheel as usual.

  5. Great post Frank. Couldn’t stop laughing. It’s just to bad I have to laugh, I am an Illinois resident, one piece of my states trash gets elected President, and the other on the fast track to being impeached and dropping the soap in the shower.

    Sorry for the delay in answering your comment in my co-authored blog, but gladly but you on the blogroll.

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