Posted by: franklynchusa | January 11, 2009

Barack Obama Jobs Plan Is A Joke In Progress


Barack Obama had never made any reference to creating jobs before I originally posted my Frank Lynch for President Website on July 20, 2007.

My Top Ten List included “20 Million New Hi Pay Jobs”.

Eventually, after copying (badly) some of my Top Ten, such as Universal Healthcare and Energy Independence, Obama started mention “New Green Jobs,” again without crediting me.

Here is the chronology of Obama’s Jobs Plan.

1.            Early December 2008 Obama stated his economic plan would include creating 2,000,000 NEW jobs.

2.            Late December 2008 Obama stated he would create 2,500,000 NEW jobs.

3.            Early January 2009, Obama stated he would create OR REPLACE 2,500,000 jobs.

4.            January 9, 2009 it is announced that the economy lost 2,600,000 jobs in 2008. In other words, Obama’s plan would not even replace the jobs lost in 2008. Sheer genius, the President you clowns elected.

5.            January 10, 2009, Obama says he will create or REPLACE 3,000,000 jobs.

6.            Obama still does not realize that many, many more jobs will be lost before any stimulus plans begin to take effect, if ever.

7.            Frank Lynch predicts that at least another million jobs will be lost, raising the total to over 3,600,000 jobs lost before most stimulus checks hit our mailboxes. And many more jobs will be lost beyond the 3,600,000.

8.            Therefore, Obama’s plan target of 3,000,000 will not even replace the 3,600,000 jobs to be lost.

9.            Watch for Obama to increase the number of jobs he will create OR REPLACE every time new jobless and job loss numbers are announced.

These constantly changing plan targets prove that Barack Obama and his appointees do not have any understanding of the economy. They do not have the foggiest idea how to create or replace jobs except by using tax dollars to add to the number of people working for the government, whether it is city, state, road crews, or worst of all, Federal employees who by law cannot be laid off or fired except if they are convicted of murder or child molestation, and even then they keep getting paid until their conviction is appealed to the US Supreme Court.

This is not my idea for the future of America, nor how to create jobs.

It is clear Obama has no plan, and his “Change You Can Believe In” is the cruelest joke of all.



  1. Oh, I think there’ll be change alright. And, with any awareness at all, we’ll not have to worry about stupidity like his stone-ass communism for generations. What he wants, what the left wants, has failed everywhere on Earth it’s ever been tried. Communism/socialism is NOT the way America came to be the strongest, richest nation on Earth either. There are already groups available to help the poor. and, as we say in the south, “You think it’s that important, whip out your checkbook. But keep your hands off mine.”

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