Posted by: franklynchusa | January 12, 2009

Barack Obama Jobs Plan Continues to Miss the Mark

     After I posted the previous article “Barack Obama Jobs Plan Is A Joke In Progress,” the Obama strategists who are assigned to monitor everything I post, took it to the One, who immediately updated his goal as “to create 3 to 4 million new jobs, 90% in the private sector.”

Remember how I wrote that he would continuously update the number as reality begins to read its ugly head, as Obama begins to comprehend what jobs are about?

Which is a challenge for someone who never had a job, let alone created jobs as I have. 

While it is nice that Obama takes my writings to heart, I must offer another clue: giving money to Mayors to hire their buddies to repave streets does not really qualify as creating private sector jobs.


  1. Obama can claim he has reduced 200,000 federal jobs already before taking office.

    20% of 3 mil = 600,000
    10% of 4 mil = 400,000

    See he has reduced the federal workforce by some 200,000 people already. Who said he could not reduce the size of government.

    Tongue firmly in cheek.

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