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The Love Affair of the Century: Barack Obama Meets George Orwell’s 1984

After being secretly inaugurated a second time on Wednesday, Obama celebrated his second “first day as President” by having two Defense  Department officials brief the White House Press Corps on Guantanamo. The problem? The officials did not give their names, titles, or positions, or even in what part of the Defense Department do they hide out. I watched the Press Secretary live on TV refusing repeated requests for their names.

Hitler proudly gave the names of his Gestapo officials. It takes a new George Orwell to give press briefings by nameless officials, and have his Press Secretary refuse to provide their names. Change you can believe in. [Of course, by the time you read this, the public outrage might have forced the new Orwell to divulge their names, but at 4 PM, 1/22/2009, Orwell had not]

George O.  Obama appointed Robert Gibbs as Press Secretary. It is not clear whether this appointment was made after the first or the second inauguration, so it might not be legal. Gibbs’ first news conference was beset by questions about why Obama’ Second Oath of Office locked out the general media. Only four reporters were present:  two wire services, one print media and one TV channel. These four favored whores are hereinafter referred to as “the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” because they herald the end of the world as we know it, or at least the part about freedom of the press.

No video cameras were permitted to record the second, and presumably the valid inauguration of the Messiah.

OOOOPsie? Does that mean the swearing in of the Cabinet Members earlier in the day was done by a non-President and therefore are invalid?

The outraged press corps questions included:

 (1) why weren’t the press corps notified of the President (Elect?) schedule for a second inauguration;

(2) was ABC the only TV channel allowed in because they paid $2,000,000 for exclusive rights to coverage of the Neighborhood Ball, a new inaugural ball created for the Acorn, but they changed the name because Acorn is lying low after all its election fraud crimes. But still, if you got the Messiah elected by sending in three absentee ballots, plus three more for your dead granny, and then voted in person, you have rights, you just gotta get your own  ball no matter what it is called;

(3) will Obama continue to restrict news coverage to a few favorite and friendly reporters who are big contributors;

(4) how is locking out the general press a part of Obama’s promised transparency of government; and

 (5) why weren’t more members of the press allowed.

Robert Gibbs showed us the future of G. O. Obama’s transparency by answering only one of the five questions, ‘why weren’t more reporters allowed” with the words “we would have needed a bigger room.”

At least Obama is trying to save us money.

Ooh, wait. Doesn’t Harold and Kumar’s White Castle have dozens of rooms?

(6) The best for last. The Messiah’s second inauguration was kept a secret until after it happened. The Press Corp. did not learn of it until after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse reported it. What happened to Freedom of The Press?

The One promised transparency.

Imagine!  A Secret Inauguration, after The One bungled his first official act as President, taking the Oath of Office. And there is no video, so how do we know the Second Inauguration was not also bungled? Is he President?

Now this is truly incredible. It absolutely defies credulity. In light of the above, can you believe that the Mainstream Media are reporting that the new Press Secretary’s first press conference was a success!

So part of Obama’s “Change” is redefining the meaning of success. The White Castle has successfully adopted the governing principles of George Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth.

Change you can believe in.

All hail George Orwell Hussein Obama, or chant “GOH Obama!”

January 22, 2009

© 2009 Frank Lynch USA LLC


  1. Hi Frank. You’ve been blogrolled. 🙂

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  3. I’ve followed your blog for awhile, and finally want to say something. You are so refreshing to read, in that you ‘see’ the underlying causations of events. That is why you are such a needed watchdog of this new administration. This is my favorite blog of yours. I love the White Castle apellation – priceless. I bet it catches on. Most of your ideas do!

    Thanks for all the good commentary!

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  8. Barack Obama is not the messiah…

    I wish the sheeple would wake up and realize the new guard is the same as the old guard.

    Welcome to 1984…

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