Posted by: franklynchusa | January 23, 2009

I voted for Obama so now I want him to deliver

People have been complaining that my critical comments about Barack Obama are a betrayal of my Democratic Party. After all, I was a Democratic Presidential Candidate and supplied most of the issues that Obama adopted after I posted them on July 20, 2007 on my campaign website at 

So why am I writing criticism?

Because not even one week as President, it appears that Obama is violating his promises to we the voters, let alone to we the Democrats.

I voted for Obama, and got my friends, my family, and my neighbors all to vote for Obama as many times as they could, and Acorn helped in that respect.

I voted for complete transparency, not for locking the press corps out of the second inauguration.

I did not vote for briefings on Guantanamo by “officials” without names or discoverable government positions. This is scary George Orwell stuff.

I did not vote for appointing the Governor of the New York Federal Reserve bank who presided over and is complicit in the total destruction of the world’s financial system to be in charge of passing out trillions of dollars that we must borrow from China.

I did not vote to appoint felons and tax cheats to high office.

Obama nominated Elliot Richardson to high office six months after the FBI started investigating him for Blagojevich style corruption. How can that happen?

Obama nominated the incompetent Master of the Universe who failed in his job as Governor of the New York Fed and who also feloniously cheated on his taxes, and who lied to Congress about it without end, who continues to lie about it, and who appears to be falsely stating his earnings and taxes even today.

How can the Obama I voted for toss our principles out the window?

Obama, go to confession, literally, walk into a Catholic Church on Friday and go into the confessional.

Then walk out with your head held high and repudiate your errors.

We believe you are better than this, and desperately want you to succeed because you are my President, all of ours.


  1. There aren’t instant solutions … no matter what, who or where …


    Honesty and ethics are not quick solutions, they are the foundation on which Democracy exists.

  2. You’re overreacting …


    You are getting hilarious.

    A Brazilian self-described Communist complaining that honesty and ethics are overreacting. Whoooowheee!

    You should leave Brazil and move to Chicago, where the Mayor shares your opinion on honesty and ethics.

  3. I really think you believed what a politican told you.
    The campaign is over the vote is in, now comes reality and truth time.



    I didn’t think the difference was only skin deep.

  4. Obama really needs to set his agenda out complete, instead of the tiptoeing around big business. The post-war consensus, and all the corrupt politics surrounding it, has collapsed and he should acknowledge that.

    btw Frank, your blog is already in my links….where’s mine huh? 😉

  5. Even if we can presume Obama was backed by the same corporatocracy that supported Bush/McCain, but the overwhelming victory was delivered by the “Change” mantra that resonated with many Americans.

    That “Change” mantra delivered the election, but in real life Obama has to answer to the corporatocracy, or does he?

    There’s also the other thought that “Change” delivers elections, but the real “Change” isn’t going to happen overnight. Maybe gradually Obama is going to wean himself off his corrupt benefactors… but by then, it’s election time again.

  6. Thanks for the comment, added you to my blogroll.

  7. Sure, link with me.

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