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Correcting Lies About Obama’s Inaugural Oath Disaster

The Truth Shall Set You Free” was the motto of a now extinct Catholic Order of the Knights Templar whose reason for existence was fighting Muslims in the Mideast. (Chicago’s Mayor Daley and I were classmates in a Catholic boys school) The Christian religion, of course, is not politically correct in today’s liberal world. When the Obamas attended prayer services for the benefit of the TV cameras, they failed to hide their boredom. 

Today the Knights Templar would be prosecuted by the One for war crimes, even as he sets free Muslim murderers from Guantanamo.

More importantly, George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth viciously attacks those who criticize the “Truth” about the Leader. Here is my recent experience with the Orwellian Ministry of Truth as it operates in blogspace today:

I recently posted about President Obama’s problems with his oath. The liberal progressive community responded exactly as Bhillary Clinton, James Carville, and their unscrupulous mafia thugs assaulted people during the “politics of personal destruction” era, which I mistakenly hoped had passed. It has not.

The worst of these liberal progressives lied and falsely pretended to be nonpartisan neutral intellectuals, which of course, is an oxymoron.

They screamed that the first requirement of truly intellectual writing is to get your facts correct. They said I failed to source my article and commited ed the unforgiveable sin of factual errors because:

            (1) it was Judge Roberts, not Obama who committed the flub (note they attempt to downplay the disaster by using  the singular form when in fact there were eight errors); and

            (2) it did not matter because the Oath is not required by the Constitution. The Oath is merely a tradition, so they screamed. They even misquoted the Constitution.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

It was the liberal progressives who failed to source,  and who commited  the unforgiveable sin of factual errors.

Liberal progressives, listen up! When you quote a source, use cut and paste, because your twisted brains are so biased that you are unable to repeat anything correctly without mangling it to suit your bias.

I often write about the dismal ignorance of our population despite their spending too many years in school and squandering fortunes on an educational system that does not educate. For those people who are due a refund from their high schools and colleges, here is a link to an obscure document that apparently has not been read by my critics, or by the liberal progressives pretending to be unbiased, including virtually all of the media, not just the main stream morons:

Below please find Article II Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America, excerpting the paragraph REQUIRING the Oath (emphasis added):


Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”


Here is the link to the video of Obama’s Oath Disaster:

To put this in context, you must recall that Barack H. Obama is a graduate of Harvard Law School where he was President of the Law Review, the school’s highest honor, even though he failed to write a single article for the Law Review (which makes it a corrupt political appointment rather than a distinctive achievement), and taught Constitutional Law for years at the great University of Chicago, which unbiased institution also paid his wife Michelle $350,000 a year for a no show job in corrupt exchange for a $1,000,000 earmark, just like Gov. Blagojevich wanted for his wife. One might expect that with such qualification, the President Elect might know the Oath.

Washington DC’s favorite of the Seven Deadly Sins is Pride, also known as the Greek Heroic Flaw of Hubris.

Our Master of the Universe was so certain that the Inauguration would be a slam dunk that apparently he was to proud and cocky to rehearse the Oath. They don’t call Pride a Deadly Sin for nothing.

For those liberal progressives whose ears are not well connected to the frontal cortex, here is the transcript, with eight numbered bumbles and fumblings. Six of the eight, or 75 percent of the errors, were committed by Obama.  It is important to note that the first error was by Obama:

Judge:  “I, Barack Hussein Obama”   (then interrupted by Obama)

Error 1.                        Obama: (Interrupting)  I, Barack”   (speaking over the Judge’s voice, displaying his narcissistic compulsion to get his name out and on display right NOW!)

Judge: (continuing while Obama talks over him, with Obama imitating a trait of that Clinton woman, or is it from James Carville? ) “do solemnly swear …”(and pauses at the right place)

Obama:   I, Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear,”   (success, he got to say his name twice!)

Error 2.                        Judge:   (clearly flustered  by Obama’s interruption. This needs to be put in perspective. While you and I are accustomed, more than we wish, to being interrupted by all manner of rude animals, Roberts has been a judge for a long time, and is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In case you choose to say you have never seen Judge Judy, NOBODY talks over judges. It is a reasonable assumption that no one has talked over Judge Roberts since Obama got out of diapers, if in fact, he has achieved that point in his magnifcent journey of personal discovery. The Judge was quite understandably flustered by the misconduct of the Messiah)

 that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully  (“faithfully” should have been after “will” and the “to” should have been “of”)

Error 3.                        Obama:  That I will execute  (and just stops cold, incredibly standing mute, frozen in time and space, totally forgetting the oath that any reasonable person should have memorized as the most important speech of his lifetime. Imagine that: The most eloguent speaker since Reagan, the One who taught Constitutional Law, stymied by the words from the Constitution. When I take the Oath in January, 2013, I promise to repeat the lines correctly, even if a pigeon drops a load on my shoulder)

Error 4.                        Judge: (now off balance by a mute President Elect, the would be leader of the Free World, the One who obviously does not have the ability to remember the second phrase) “the off. . . faithfully the Pres . .     .office . . . the office of President of the United States faithfully”

Error 5.             Obama: (again starts before the Judge has finished, talking over the judge, like a school child showing off that he remembered the line) “the office of the President of the United States faithfully” (I know, many will say, and did actually write to me, that Obama finally got the words right, but he did not: “faithfully” belongs after “will.”

Error 6.               This error is because Obama was talking over the Judge, which is so very not “Change You Can Believe In. Apparently, if it is not on a teleprompter, Obama just is not able to speak anything)

Judge: “and will to the best of my ability

Error 7.                        Obama: “and will to (stutter)  best of my ability” (Obama omitted the word “the”)

Judge:  preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States

Error 8.                        Obama:  (again an error because Obama is rushing before the Judge is finished) “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States

Judge:  so help you God?”  (and the Judge did actually speak those four words as a distinct question)

Obama: (with visible relief )  so help me God.”

You can so easily identify a die hard liberal who is lying by falsely claiming to be neutral and non-partisan. They will blame the Obama Oath disaster on the judge.

Virtually all the media are saying it was  the Judge’s error and that it did not matter. This is media dishonesty compounded by bias.

It is biased to blame this solely on the judge, when Obama committed the first error, 75 percent of the errors, and importantly, Obama just stopped cold, frozen forgetting the lines.

Just as the stock market folks’ hundred year old saying states:  As goes January, so goes the year,” we may have a new saying “As goes the Inauguration, so goes the Presidency.”

But also: “As goes January, so goes the year” applies to politics.

Other errors of the inauguration:

Having symphonic instruments outdoors in semi-freezing weather and secretly playing recorded music. . Little things tell a lot. Lip synching at the Inauguration may be a little thing, or something bigger. Some would claim that this portends a moral lassitude of the soul that forebodes systemic deception, the philosophy that the end justifies the means. “We wanted the show to have a touch of class and sound good, so we did what we had to.”

People, and especially Presidents, with that philosophy are just not consistent with my philosophy of America

And that poet! No commentary required. Suggests that Obama has no taste. Obama would have been better off having Sasha show her class projects.

Change You Can Believe In

January 26, 2009

© 2009 Frank Lynch USA LLC



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  3. Interesting point of view you have been posting here. I like it.

    I’ll put you on my blogroll as soon as I can.


  4. I disagree with the hubbub over this. Many wedding vows get flubbed too. Yet, I’ve never heard of doing them over the next day. It’s probably the intent, not the exact words, that count. People can even make up their own wedding vows, so this can’t be too bad. Change has come already.

  5. You missed the point of this article. It was really about how liberals mis-state facts to support their bias. They claim to be neutral and based on facts, yet they make up lies they claim are facts when the Constitution states the opposite. Then they claim that the other guy was the flubber and the One was perfect, when in fact he commited 75 percent of the flubs. So it is really about how liberals lie to suit their bias.

    What makes this different from marriage is that the Constitution specifically requires that the Oath be taken BEFORE the President Elect may assume his duties, and spells out the exact and precise words that must be used. Regretably, in today’s America, marriage is regarded as extremely flexible and changeable, even without having rules, as implied by the behavior of many people.

    The Presidency is Constitutionally defined. If what is stated in the Constitution does not count, then perhaps I am President and would like to move into the Lincoln bedroom.

    But most importantly, if a Harvard Law School graduate who was President of the Harvard Law Review and who taught consitutional law at the great University of Chicago does not know a short Oath as required by the Constitution he taught, an Oath that is the most important event in his life, what else does he not know?

    What makes it a big issue is that the President is required to follow the rule of law, including the requirements of the Constitution, and when he does not, what else might he do without regard for the law.

    Finally, it is bad for the country to see the President perform a Laurel and Hardy comic routine, almost like “Who’s on first.”

    Some might even think that not preparing for the ceremony could indicate arrogance.

  6. mm… love it )

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