Posted by: franklynchusa | February 17, 2009

Stock Market About to Open Way Lower As The True Importance of Obama’s Fubar on Thursday Sinks In On Investors

On Thursday Obama told Caterpillar employees they would get rehired as soon as his stimulus bill is passed. Minutes later the CEO of Caterpillar says, wrong, there will be many more layoffs.

It took the long weekend for investors to absorb that Caterpillars CEO is on Obama’s economic council, showing us that:

One, Obama is too stupid to talk to his own council to get their stories straight.

Two, Obama has the council not to learn and get advice, but purely as a meaningless platform to exploit the fame of its members.

Three, Obama will tell any lie to get his stimulus package passed, the old socialist theme that the ends justify the means.

Four, Obama has no idea what is in the stimulus package.

Five, Obama has no idea how business and the economy work, so there are only two ways Obama can fix the economy: by resigning, or by accident.

Then instead of signing the package on Friday when Congress passed it, Obama takes a three day holiday to relieve the stress of being President for THREE LONG WEEKS.

So it is now the fourth day after the extremely urgent bill was available for him to sign, but, oh no, it was all a lie, it wasn’t urgent, I’ll sign it if I happen to pass it in the hallway.

The stock market is about to open way lower as investors have figured this out. We need a new President fast.



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