Posted by: franklynchusa | March 6, 2009

South Florida Beaches Infected With Staph Bacteria

University of Miami microbiologist Dr. Lisa Plano recently analyzed water dripping off swimmers on South Florida beaches.

Dr. Plano found staph bacteria on 37 percent of swimmers.

Even worse, three percent had drug-resistant MRSA infections.

Ever since I first flew from New York to Florida in 1972, for more than a third of a century, when the plane over the blue ocean approached the Florida coast, the water turned brown, the exact shade of what the Florida cities dumped untreated in the beaches.

Over the ensuing thirty years the newspapers claim that every town now treats its sewerage completely.

Liars! The water near the shore gets browner and browner every year.

And our newcomers get dirtier and dirtier.

Everyone please take a shower with soap and water before swimming in the ocean so you do not transfer infections to our water.

To save your own health, take a soap shower after swimming to remove much of your newly acquired Florida staph infection from your skin.

As for me? I cannot figure out how to wade through all the illegals washing ashore to get my body to the water. I prefer to get my exercise at the gym.

Perhaps Obama might think to add reclaiming the oceans to his ever growing list of trillions to evaporate.

NOTE: Please read the excellent comment below!



  1. You should have seen the water back in the early 50’s. There was a long fishing pier at Miami’s South Beach north of the jetties at Government Cut. The water was clear enough that if you ducked under the water as soon as it was deep enough to do so, you could see all the way to the end of the pier.

    Some folks would ignore safety and snorkle among the fishermen’s lines so they could catch crawfish as large as lobsters among the rocks and pilings under the pier. If you could hold your breath long enough, you could dive down 20 feet or so and see them lurking in their hiding places. If you preferred to float on the surface with a mask on, you could still see the action as though you were looking into a glass aquarium.

    The last time I tried to swim at South Beach — in the 80’s — you couldn’t see farther than the length of your arm. If I swim in the ocean, I want to SEE trouble coming before it gets to me. Everyone enjoys a day at the beach, but it’s just stupid not to look out for jellyfish, sharks and sea urchins.

    Miami used to be a lush, tropical resort town. The city fathers did whatever was necessary to keep the town attractive. They encouraged celebrities and entertainers to come because they, in turn, attracted more people.

    Now, the traffic is horrendous, the lush tropical atmosphere has deteriorated due to diseases suffered by the palm trees, and the character of the city has, of course, changed over the years.

    To get clean water back, the PEOPLE have to be determined to do it and to keep chewing on Metro-Dade government until it’s accomplished. The same is true for the whole state, whose main industry used to be welcoming rich vacationers to a lovely, exotic state to enjoy a great time.

    Look around you. What needs changing where you are? Start there. Nothing will change until the public is informed by news people or bloggers like Mr. Lynch, so that the public can vote to make the necessary changes.

  2. The rainwater runoff from all the Development of SFL, the roads, cars, roofs, trash into gutters, etc goes into the canals, rivers and waterways that lead to the ocean. The rainwater is pure and gets polluted as runoff.
    I just returned from 2 week vacation at Hollywood & FtL beaches. While in the ocean water I could see a film of ? on the surface. I also lived in PBC in the 80s, it seemed cleaner back then.
    Yet another problem facing FL, dirty water, High Property Taxes, High Property Insurance, High Unemployment. No wander FL is now loosing population. There are better places to live.

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