Posted by: franklynchusa | March 13, 2009

Obama Wants to Talk with “Moderate” Taliban, Talk to Your Cousin Odinga

When Obama wants to talk with “moderate” terrorists, perhaps he should start by inviting the man whose Presidential campaign Obama supported in Kenya, his cousin Odinga?

Do not forget Obama helped his cousin Odinga in his run for President  of Kenya to the point where the Kenyan government filed an official protest with the State Department about US Senators interfering in Kenyan internal politics.

 When Odinga lost the election despite Obama’s support, his group kept burning Christians alive in churches with no adverse comment from cousin Obama.

The Kenyans finally appointed Odinga Premier without an election while there were still some Christian churches left.

Now Odinga is writing a new constitution for Kenya that will make Islam the official religion and replace civil courts with Imam-run Sharia courts. Gotta get rid of those pig farms that supply half the protein to Kenya. Let the poor people  eat cake.

The world has been having a problem with those well mannered Muslim pirates from Somalia. Does anyone notice that Kenya shares a border with Somalia? Nothing like having more Muslim extremist states forming a new chain of terrorism down through Africa.

No comment from cousin Obama, except we should talk with moderate Taliban

Obama considers his cousin Odinga to be moderate because he hasn’t burned any Chrisitans alive for several months.

If Odinga wants to turn Kenya into an extremist Muslim country without an election, oops, not right, make that “change Kenya into a Muslim nation EVEN THOUGH HE LOST THE ELECTION,” that is OK with cousin Obama.

Hey, doesn’t burning Christian alive inside churches seem a tiny itsy bitsy bit similar to that word Obama refuses to use because it is inflammatory? What is that word? Oh, I got it!


Hmm, Obama refused to speak out when his cousin used “Terrorism” to change a model British colony into an extremist Muslim state, and Obama now wants to talk with “moderate” TERRORISTS (because TERRORISTS  are what the Taliban is).

Hey Pres, instead of going to Afghanistan, just hop down to Guantanamo where there are a bunch of “moderate” terrorists that you campaigned on releasing?

Why won’t the American people listen to the words of leaders and compare them to their actions?

President Obama, you really have to talk to the American people and to the international community on this subject, please.


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