Posted by: franklynchusa | March 25, 2009

Insanity Knows No Bounds

Yesterday the government repurchased billions in government securities.

Now the government is about to sell billions of government securities.

If a corporation did this it would be called market manipulation and people would go to jail and lose their financial lives.

If Geithner and Obama do it, then it is called financial genius.

I call it insanity. America is doomed.

Change you can believe in.



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  2. Oorah, Frank! How in the hell did we end up with this insanity?

  3. Trust me, Obama’s not that bad. You should try living with the sh*t we have in the UK. Total dimwits most of them in my opinion and it appears that half of them are crooked too!

  4. Uhm, Frank? Where are you? This post is months old. Nothing new?

  5. The regular guy- do what you’re allowed.

    The corporation- do what you make them allow.

    The gov- freedom baby! Especially in the states, with only 2 political choices its pretty impossible to loose all the time. Either party can do what they like and its only a matter of time before they’re back in office.

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