Posted by: franklynchusa | June 22, 2009

How to Lose Every War

Our government just announced that our military in Afghanistan will not fight near houses, even if Taliban are hiding in the houses.

This strategy is exactly how we lost all our wars since WWII.

In Korea, Vietnam and Iraq we announced where we would not fight. In Korea Dem Pres. Truman fired Gen. McArthur for wanting to pursue ChiCom jets and troops into their bases in China and we lost.

In Vietnam we announced we would not pursue the enemy into Cambodia, Laos or Communist China, so the enemy used all those areas as bases to defeat us.

In Iraq we refuse to go after the Iranian units and bases that supply the weapons and IEDs used to kill thousands of our troops. So Iran trains fighters on how to kill our troops, and more of our best died from Iranian weapons and training than died in the Twin Towers.

Now in Afghanistan Obama says the enemy can use homes as safe bases to kill our boys.

Wars are horrible and should be avoided.

But once you are in one, either win or get out.

The only way to win any war is by massive destruction so that resistance is impossible. Germany was totally destroyed.

In Iraq and Afghanistan we publicly announce how we can be defeated.

Democracy is dead. If elections changed anything, they would make them illegal.

All four Iranian candidates are identical, and all the fighting is not about democracy, but about which thug wins the chair that has all the corrupt money attached.

In America McCain, Hillary and the Messiah all ran on the same platform, and the election was decided by racism action.


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