Posted by: franklynchusa | July 26, 2009

Obama Denigrates Historic Navy Tradition and the MSM Ignore It


No Naval Swords for U.S.N.A. Graduation this year – Threat to the Dear Leader Inside the BeltwayWashington Times
No Weapons for Anyone 


From today’s you couldn’t make it up if you tried file…….Obama’s protectors have ordered graduating Midshipmen….and  I suppose Commissioned Officers through Flag rank…to leave their swords at home.  Full Dress White includes “wear sword”.  More to the point…those badges of office have been earned in a manner Obongo and his minions just wouldn’t begin to understand.  Important traditions that inspire are kind of lost on the red banner crowd, apparently.


Further, ceremonial swords never seemed to bother the Secret Service for any previous President.  And before World War II, the swords were not particularly “ceremonial”, I’ve seen some of those blades, boarding actions did occur on the China Station pre-war against river pirates, warlords, etc.  Those swords were worn not just to graduation, but to Inaugurations, in the receiving line at the White House afterward, to the Inaugural Ball.   Somehow nobody gave it a second thought.  Somehow even Presidents in the past didn’t presume to specify items of uniform.  


But of course, what worked for Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, F.D.R., the Bushes, T.R., any other rational non-cult leader…..doesn’t work for this former state senator anointed by the Chicago machine.


Does he secretly consider our Naval and Military leaders “the enemy”?  Perhaps the message this sends escaped his handlers. Sad.  And …..follow me on this Obama and minions…..insulting.  Actually it’s contemptible.

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