Posted by: franklynchusa | August 4, 2009

How Bill Clinton Got Laura Ling and Euna Lee Released


Does anyone seriously believe that Billie Clinton visited Kim Jong Il, Premier of North Korea, and used that magic Clinton charm and smile (the same smile that is more famous for bringing White House interns to their knees) to bring the Korean vicious, brutal dictator to his knees under Billie’s spell in a one hour meeting?

And that Billie’s smile alone, all by itself, with nothing else, could get the most brutal dictator outside of Africa to release his prize prisoners Laura Ling and Euna Lee, just like that? If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn in which you simply must invest.

When bad guys release prisoners, it is ALWAYS in exchange for something of immense value to them.

The USSR was a comparative softie. Captured US spies were normally released in exchange for an equal number of Soviet spies.

In the Mideast, Israel usually releases a few hundred Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one or two captured Israelis.

But Kim Jong Il is a master of the universe when it comes to blackmailing the US. When President, Billie Clinton gave Kim Jong Il hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for promises that Korea would stop developing nuclear bombs. Of course, those promises were broken before Billie Clinton could finish a quickie with Monica.

The only believable scenario is that behind the scenes, Mrs. Clinton had her staff agree to secretly pay more taxpayer money to the dictator, and then sent her hubby over AFTER the deal was signed, sealed and delivered, to take advantage of a photo op and gather publicity as the (false) savior of the journalists.

But why would the Secretary of State, who has been so publicly humiliated by her husband, go to so much trouble to falsely arrange all the favorable publicity for him?

The answer is so simple.

When the Clinton’s were first elected President in 1990with the smallest percentage of the votes in American history (thanks to Ross Perot), they campaigned that America was getting “two for one.”

Mrs. Clinton lost the 2008 nomination because that same “two for one” concept had become a huge negative.

So now she is arranging publicity making it appear that wonderful things happen when the two of them work together. The goal is that “two Clintons for one election” will be attractive to voters when she next runs for President.

Expect that everything Mrs. Clinton or her hubby do in the future will be in preparation for her next run for the Presidency, and not for the good of the country.


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