Posted by: franklynchusa | January 28, 2012

Obama’s Plan To Rein In College Costs

What a fraud!

Obama will cut federal aid if tuition goes up?

Don’t believe it. Obama has never cut anything. If Obama touches it, federal spending/tgaxpayer money/the deficit goes up. Everytime. In fact, you will see after threatening to cut federal money to colleges, he is actually increaseing it!

How much does tuition have to go up before taxpayer funding gets cut?

Then, by how much will it get cut?

Here is my best guess: if a college increases tuition by $1,000,000, then Obama will cut federal aid by 12 pennies.

This is nothing but false promises to con people into re-electing Obama. The old-style crooked politico trick of promise everything to everybody.

Even worse, he is adding billions to the amount of money available.

What kind of cost containment is that?

Obama: “Hey colleges, here is an extra $7 billion in student loans, but if you raise tuition by some unknown amount, I will take back the price of an apple, the fruit, not the iPhone.”

The history of the federal government making student loans available was that the colleges increased their spending to soak up all the new money available.  The same thing will happen here  Obama adding another $ 7 billion in student loans is flushing $7 billion down the toilet.

Don’t forget (smirk) if you go to work for the government, you do not have to repay the loans.

So the taxpayers are out another $7 billion, with zero, none, nada improvement in the quality of education.

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