Posted by: franklynchusa | May 8, 2012

Chen Guangcheng Proves Hillary Clinton’s Total Incompetence

The furor over Chinese rights advocate Chen Guangcheng demonstrates the hopeless incompetence of Hillary Clinton’s State Department, first giving shelter to Chen, then “releasing” him into the custody of a mental health goon squad. Incredibly, while we had Chen inside the embassy, he was not allowed to communicate with the outside world, but the tyrannical China dictatorship lets him make phone calls, go on the internet and give TV interviews!

Most comical, at a time when the world’s environment is being destroyed by too many people, Chen is advocating making as many more people as possible!

Exactly what is the US policy on China’s One Child policy, or on birth control in the poverty stricken nations of the world? Does anyone seriously believe that starving teenage girls in Africa, Asia and South America really want to have ten or twenty children apiece, most of whom starve to death?

Does the US government and our leaders have any brains at all?

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