Posted by: franklynchusa | May 8, 2012

The LAW OF THE SEA TREATY is the most savage destruction of America: EMAIL YOUR SENATOR NOW!

LAW OF THE SEA TREATY is the most savage destruction of American sovereignty and is a pack of ravenous One-Worlder  wolves disguised in sheep’s’ clothing!

Have any members of Congress, especially you Senators, even bothered to read this treaty?

If you Senators pass this Treaty, it may lead to World War Final!

First, the Law of the Sea Treaty requires that an international tribunal issue permits for all oceanic oil drilling and mining. It is an international crime to drill an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico without an international permit and paying unlimited permit fees to the tribunal.

Second, the US must pay a royalty of 50% of the proceeds from every oil and gas well within 200 miles of our coast to the international tribunal to be redistributed all over the world. That is in addition to the permit fees.

Third, it requires unlimited technology transfer from the US free of charge to all 160 other nations that have signed the treaty, such as Venezuela, Iran and Angola. Got that Senator?

Goodbye American intellectual property.

Fourth, it also authorizes the tribunal to set whatever taxes and fees it wishes on American ocean activity of any sort, without limitation.

Every person must email this to their Senators regardless of Party affiliation. This is the most important item ever to come before the Senate, with much farther reaching consequences than Obamacare by far.

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