Posted by: franklynchusa | May 14, 2012

Frank Lynch Terminates 2012 Presidential Campaign, Strives to Re-Invent Education

May 14, 2012, Frank Lynch announces the termination of his 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Now that my 2012 Presidential Campaign is over, the most important thing you can do to save America is to help save our educational system, which is broken and dragging America back into the 20th century while Communist China leads the charge into the future.

Frank Lynch Universityis dedicated to producing the 3,000,000 missing biomed, math, science and engineering teachers required to provide meaningful, productive education to every child in America, regardless of race, background and lack of opportunity. The majority of schools in America fail miserably to do this, despite ever increasing Federal aid, student loans, and misleading, phony lip service that you see and hear everywhere.

Frank Lynch Universityhas led the charge and defined the terms of the national debate on education. While CNN and liberals have coined the term “STEM” for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, that happened only after Frank Lynch made this a national issue in his Presidential campaign website in August 2007 that was visited by virtually every Democratic Party strategist, consultant and state party machine member We know from our website software that Obama’s 2008 campaign team visited that campaign site and the Frank Lynch University  website repeatedly and downloaded every page many times. Interestingly, so did the overseas intelligence services of the People’s Republic of China.

Unfortunately, no one, including President Obama’s team have done anything that truly advances the goal, and more than half of how they quote the August 2007 Presidential Campaign website is distorted and meaningless. Obama’s promise to reduce Federal aid to colleges that increase tuition is worse than a joke, it is an insult to our intelligence to think we would believe that lie. Obama and the Progressives and phony nonprofits are doing nothing but flushing down a giant toilet billions, even trillions of dollars into education that, as I have been among the first to post in 2004, ranks almost last among all industrialized nations.

The only chance America has to repair our broken educational system is through funding the startup of

Frank Lynch University™ right now!

Please help the future of America by donating tax deductible to Frank Lynch University at

Help cure America’s shortage of math, medical,

science and engineering teachers

before it is too late

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