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On Dave Letterman last night, and again on Morning Joe today, Jan. 30, 2013, Crazy Gore stated that every person in the civilized world operated 500 internet sites. Do you own and operate 500 internet sites?  This falls into the same category as Gore’s famous line that he invented the internet.

Specifically, Al said that today there are a trillion sites on the internet. Hmm? There are 6.5 billion people in the world and fewer than 2 billion have an internet connection. Dividing 2 billion into one trillion is 500 sites per person. Even if you count your twitter account, your facebook page, your wordpress blog, etc., your probably appear in fewer than a dozen places, but those are not websites, they are entries in websites like facebook and wordpress. So although ffacebook may claim 300 million users, facebook is just one site.

Gore’s psychotic misunderstanding of something that he once claimed to have invented is carried through into his climate change philosophy, like the famous hockey stick graph in his book and movie on global warming. We later learned that the scientist who supplied that graph has refused, even 8 years later, to publish the data supporting his graph. If you can’t publish the data, it ain’t science. If you can’t publish the data, it is absolutely, certainly untrue.

On Morning Joe, Mika challenged Gore that selling his failed TV network to Al Jazeera might be a little itsy bitsy hypocritical since Al Jazeera is funded by polluting oil money. Psycho Gore replied that it doesn’t matter because Al Jazeera was one of the best news networkds in the world. Hmm, again? Al Jazeera is fmous because every day, almost all day long, it inflames the Arab and Muslim world by running footage purporting to be Israeli soldiers using American weapons to murder, torture, humiliate and abuse Palestinains and Gazan’s. In fact, shortly after 9/11 a man on Long Island was arrested and imprisioned for trying to rebroadcast Al Jazeera: the charge was treason, aidding and abetting the enemy. So should not Al Gore be imprisioned for treason, for aiding and abetting the enemy for selling his network TV to Al Jazeera?

Even better, Al Gore turned down an offer by Glenn Beck to buy the network, preferring to commit treason by selling it to Al Jazeera. And Gore was almost our President!

Did you know that Al Gore became Senator because his daddy, also a Senator, owned the largest coal mine in America. Actually the largest coal mine in the world. Even worse, every year of its existence and ownership by Al Gore, it racked up the most pollution violation and the most safety violations of any mine in America? I guess Al Gore cannot spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E

Gore didn’t sell the mine until he had his climate change book ghost written for him.

So the only reason Al Gore was able to be in politics is from the dirtiest, most unsafe coal mine in the world!

Why does not the media report these facts?


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