Posted by: franklynchusa | May 15, 2014


“Obama: No one ‘more qualified’ than Shinseki to head VA”. DUH! This statement shows that Obama has no idea what it takes to run a giant agency. As the rollout of Obamacare proved, Obama has neither any knowledge, nor any expertise nor any interest in what it takes to run and manage anything. Never have we had a more incompetent President, but don’t worry, once Hillary becomes President Obama will look good by comparison.
Gen Shinseki should be fired immediately. And instead of Obama making his standard speech thanking Shinseki for his exceptional service to the nation, Obama should state that “Gen Shinseki has failed to provide the minimum level of care for our nations veterans and I am deeply ashamed that as President I failed to appoint a competent person to this all-important job.”

In private business, when a large job is to be filled, it is normal competent practice to write up a job description describing what the new executive will be tasked to accomplish. Then skills set is created showing what skills and experience are needed to accomplish the job functions. Obviously Obama (a) does not himself have any skills to write up the job and skills description, nor (b) have the level of conscious thought to realize that he should assign this descriptive job to someone, and (c) understand that this recruiting task should not be performed by another political hack that by definition is unqualified to do this.

Obama should have hired a top level private sector management consulting firm to do a study of the VA to produce the job description and skills set required to fix the VA. Then the consulting firm should be tasked to recruit from the private sector the most qualified person in the world to come in and fix and manage and restructure the VA and its giant bureaucracy and computer systems to communicate with the military computer systems so that battle injuries and related military medical care are automatic loaded into the VA computers before a veteran is assigned to the VA.

In summary, the job of head of the VA should not, should never, ever be assigned to a political hack, which is the damaged gene pool from which Obama and Hillary use to fill critical jobs. World class executives should be recruited from the private sectors who have proven experience in solving problems similar to the VA management problems. Generals and political hacks should never be considered for such jobs.
These principles should be applied to other top cabinet jobs such as head of HHS, the IRS and the State Department, all of which have demonstrated that these agencies fail to perform their assigned functions at any level of competency.

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