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Frank Lynch on Presidential Candidates

Although Frank Lynch was on VoteSmart’s 2008 Presidential Candidates’ presentations, VoteSmart has updated and expanded their coverage of Frank at:

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Frank Lynch is number 12 out of the 23 candidates on the Arizona Republican Primary Election Ballot to be held on February 28, 2012.

Many of the other entrants are not registered with the Federal Election Committee (the “FEC”) and therefore are not eligible to become President.

To contribute to Frank’s election click here.

Frank’s primary website is

Frank is a dark horse, late entrant who may cause a Republican Presidential Primary National Convention in Tampa, Florida, to become a brokered convention.

In Response to Barack Obama’s Plan to Rein in College Tuition, Princeton University announced it is raising tuition 4.5 percent. We do not know if this increase is within acceptable bounds to continue getting full federal taxpayer aid under the Obama plan.

Apparantley Princeton doesn’t care.

We have not heard any response from Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama, who is a graduate of Princeton.

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Obama’s Plan To Rein In College Costs

What a fraud!

Obama will cut federal aid if tuition goes up?

Don’t believe it. Obama has never cut anything. If Obama touches it, federal spending/tgaxpayer money/the deficit goes up. Everytime. In fact, you will see after threatening to cut federal money to colleges, he is actually increaseing it!

How much does tuition have to go up before taxpayer funding gets cut?

Then, by how much will it get cut?

Here is my best guess: if a college increases tuition by $1,000,000, then Obama will cut federal aid by 12 pennies.

This is nothing but false promises to con people into re-electing Obama. The old-style crooked politico trick of promise everything to everybody.

Even worse, he is adding billions to the amount of money available.

What kind of cost containment is that?

Obama: “Hey colleges, here is an extra $7 billion in student loans, but if you raise tuition by some unknown amount, I will take back the price of an apple, the fruit, not the iPhone.”

The history of the federal government making student loans available was that the colleges increased their spending to soak up all the new money available.  The same thing will happen here  Obama adding another $ 7 billion in student loans is flushing $7 billion down the toilet.

Don’t forget (smirk) if you go to work for the government, you do not have to repay the loans.

So the taxpayers are out another $7 billion, with zero, none, nada improvement in the quality of education.

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We have just passed another national crisis, this time about raising the debt ceiling. The crisis was resolved by a phony, hypocritical compromise that involved virtually no cuts until after the election.

The only good to come out of it was a focus on at least talking about limiting the growth of the debt. The ridiculous compromise stated in effect that our debt will only double over the decade, to a level that will plunge America into bankruptcy by 2012.

Somehow both idiot parties hail that compromise as a victory.

At least it has some provisions that push our bankruptcy ten years in the future, so that Obama and the Progressives might not bankrupt America in four or five years. Those paltry provisions involve limiting the increase in our debt ceiling, which in turns limits how much spending the Progressives can do.

Never fear, Senator Kerry is here.

Kerry proposes creating an off-balance sheet National Infrastructure Bank, similar to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. How did they work out? Kerry wants to create a third monster?

Kerry’s National Infrastructure Bank would not “officially” be part of the Federal Government, so it would be exempt from the debt ceiling, just like Fannie and Freddie are.

Kerry’s Off Balance Bank would borrow $850 billion to “rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.” Isn’t that almost a trillion dollars?

Didn’t we just decide not to add to our debt?

Every time I see Ed Rendell and other big Democrat talking faces, they pile on “rebuilding our infrastructure.” Why is this such a dominant theme of the Democratic Party? because the Democrats control the local government entities that pass out the infrastructure contracts to the paving and bridge contractors.

I know a 50-year-old man who just sold his paving company because “it got so you had to bribe so many people you couldn’t make any money.”

Legend has it that paving, bridges, and construction of any kind paid by the government involves bribes of 5% to 10% of the contract price.

An $850 billion Infrastructure Bank would provide bribes of $42 to $85 billion, which would enrich elected and appointed Democratic Party members beyond their wildest dreams.
Bear in mind that Valerie Jarrett’s fortune comes from government contracting in Chicago.

Government construction contracts and infrastructure provide the core of the personal wealth of Democratic Party officials.

Senator Kerry, the man who won three Purple Hearts without ever spending one single night in a hospital or clinic, wants us to evade the debt ceiling with another version of Fannie Mae to distribute up to $85 billion in bribes to local Democratic Party officials.

Senator Kerry is a true national hero.

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President Obama used four gigantic aircraft round-trip to Denmark  to campaign for the Olympics for corrupt Mayor Daley, who is Obama’s main mentor and sponsor in the Democratic Party.

Obama then insulted the Olympic officials by flying back before any voting began, exhibiting simultaneously his arrogance and his disrespect for mere Olympic protocols.

To cover up his ineptitude and vainly to attempt to distract the media from his ineptitude, he had the Commander in Chief of Obama’s War in Afghanistan stuffed into the back of Air Force One. On the trip home, he trotted the General out for 25 minutes to feign interest in the mounting US deaths of our finest young people.

Most of the 25 minutes was taken up by the propaganda photo op.

Our President only spent five minutes chatting with the General. Think how demoralized the General must be.

Think how demoralized all the troops must be, giving up their lives every day for the absolutely arrogant, insensitive psychotic jerk that I made the mistake of voting for.

America, forgive me.

Brainless Barry’s newest escape from reality is to propose that when a home is foreclosed, the defaulting borrower must be permitted to stay in the home simply by paying rent sort of equal to the current market rent for “similar” homes.

First, we must understand that, because in most  places home values have declined anywhere between 30% and 60% below the peak, the price to rent has also declined.

Even worse, because there are still millions of home owned by flippers who hoped to sell to a greater fool, these flippers are desperately trying to rent at any price in an effort to prolong their agony. Therefore, rents have declined even more  than the price to buy a  home declined.

Many of the rental homes are now being rented by deadbeats who got evicted because of foreclosures. If Obama says you can’t get evicted when you lose your foreclosed home, then there will be fewer people in the market to rent homes that are already vacant.

With fewer people in the market to rent, that is lower demand for rentals. Lower demand means the price of renting will drop even lower.

Also, fewer homes will be rented.

Total result of Obama interfering with the workings of the free market?  More investors and flippers will be unable to pay their mortgages because they either (1) receive lower rents or (2) cannot rent at all because there are fewer free market rentals.

But wait! Brainless Barry makes it even worse!

We just showed that rents are disproportionately low, even compared to the decline in the price to buy a home.

If somebody has a home bought at the high prices with a 90 or 95% mortgage, plus property taxes and insurance premiums based on the old high price of the home, even these deadbeats will figure out that the so called “current market rent” is half of their mortgage, taxes and insurance.

So many more millions of people will decide to stop making payments on their old high mortgages, taxes and insurance and let the homes be foreclosed.

In most states, the time from when you stop making mortgage payments until the home is finally foreclosed can exceed six months.

Got that? Six months free occupancy of your home! Wowee!!

And then in month seven you have to start paying rent equal to half of your old mortgage, taxes and insurance!

That is six months free AND a fifty percent reduction, and all the time you get to stay in your home!

Obama is the savior. Deadbeats have died and gone to heaven.

The number of homes in foreclosure will more than double.

The price of homes will plummet even further, as will the price to rent.

The economy will plunge into the Second Great Depression, but deadbeats will really love the Messiah.


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Happy 48th Birthday Barack Obama

Best wishes and Happy Birthday to our 44th President!

Hey Barry, you wrote in your memoirs, the first one, that your sister Maya Soetoro was born in Indonesia.

But you did not tell us the Maya has the exact same kind of “Certificate of Live Birth” from Hawaii that you have!!!!

You know, the same kind of “Certificate of Live Birth” that you sent to (the funder of which gave you and Bill Ayres $110 million for your education/election project in Chicago that you deny ever happened).

Chris Matthews was waving the “Certificate of Live Birth” around on his TV show calling it your “Birth Certificate” even though everyone could plainly see the printed title on it said “Certificate of Live Birth.” Now I am trying to figure out if Chris Matthews is just stupid, or is totally dishonest.

On the subject of dishonesty, you sent the “Certificate of Live Birth” from Hawaii to prove that you were born in the USA. In fact, it is the only evidence that you were born in the USA.

But your sister was born in Indonesia and she has the same exact “Certificate of Live Birth” from Hawaii.

Can anyone born overseas get a “Certificate of Live Birth” from Hawaii, and if not, how did you and your sister get them?

Finally, the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION:_______________

Why would Obama, the same day of  being sworn into office have  his records sealed by executive order 13489?

THAT IS MOST EXTRAORDINARY__________________________

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How Bill Clinton Got Laura Ling and Euna Lee Released


Does anyone seriously believe that Billie Clinton visited Kim Jong Il, Premier of North Korea, and used that magic Clinton charm and smile (the same smile that is more famous for bringing White House interns to their knees) to bring the Korean vicious, brutal dictator to his knees under Billie’s spell in a one hour meeting?

And that Billie’s smile alone, all by itself, with nothing else, could get the most brutal dictator outside of Africa to release his prize prisoners Laura Ling and Euna Lee, just like that? If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn in which you simply must invest.

When bad guys release prisoners, it is ALWAYS in exchange for something of immense value to them.

The USSR was a comparative softie. Captured US spies were normally released in exchange for an equal number of Soviet spies.

In the Mideast, Israel usually releases a few hundred Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one or two captured Israelis.

But Kim Jong Il is a master of the universe when it comes to blackmailing the US. When President, Billie Clinton gave Kim Jong Il hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for promises that Korea would stop developing nuclear bombs. Of course, those promises were broken before Billie Clinton could finish a quickie with Monica.

The only believable scenario is that behind the scenes, Mrs. Clinton had her staff agree to secretly pay more taxpayer money to the dictator, and then sent her hubby over AFTER the deal was signed, sealed and delivered, to take advantage of a photo op and gather publicity as the (false) savior of the journalists.

But why would the Secretary of State, who has been so publicly humiliated by her husband, go to so much trouble to falsely arrange all the favorable publicity for him?

The answer is so simple.

When the Clinton’s were first elected President in 1990with the smallest percentage of the votes in American history (thanks to Ross Perot), they campaigned that America was getting “two for one.”

Mrs. Clinton lost the 2008 nomination because that same “two for one” concept had become a huge negative.

So now she is arranging publicity making it appear that wonderful things happen when the two of them work together. The goal is that “two Clintons for one election” will be attractive to voters when she next runs for President.

Expect that everything Mrs. Clinton or her hubby do in the future will be in preparation for her next run for the Presidency, and not for the good of the country.

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Goldman Sachs Bribery Contributions

Please read this great article on how to buy Federal aid without going to jail. Apparently Illinois Governor Blagojevitch never leaqnred these lessons.

Please read

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