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Adolph Hitler, the Ayatollah Kohmeni and Iran


In the previous post “Riots and Revolution,” a blogger disputed my line equating Adloph Hitler and the Ayatollah Kohmeni.



That otherwise intelligent people might think these monsters are different requires taking my response and entering it as a complete blog post:

The Blogger:



“Hi there Frank … firstly, I would never put Dolfie Hitler side by side with Khomeini … Khomeini fought to liberate his country and his people from the criminal puppet regime of Reza Pahlavi … who rose to power thanks to a CIA financed coup d’état … believe me, most of the times we like to play as if we were victims … but in fact, we are the bad guys …”


Frank Replies:

Actually it was British MI-6, you know, James Bond’s Unit, really, that murdered ShahinShah Reza Pahlavi’s father, the Shah of Iran, for allying with Adolph Hitler at the outbreak of World War II, kidnapped the son, and raised him in England under the tutelage of MI-6 to eventfully rule Iran as a puppet of England and the US jointly. Under his rule Iran became, and remains today, the most educated nation in the region with the highest standard of living.

Those were the days when the buffoons in Congress had not yet castrated our intelligence services, and we were still able to use clandestine operations never disclosed to the media or to the idiots in Congress who blab to the press.  The State Department did not even fully understand what we did because our intelligence services never told them. Clandestine operations like this saved the region from war, and saved the lives of millions of civilians and tens of thousands of American troops.

Yes, ShahinShah Reza Pahlavi maintained a brutal secret police, the Savak, but he effectively fought a daily war against armed  terrorists infiltrating into his country to foment armed revolution ,from both the USSR and from Khomeini. Iran and Turkey form the long land barrier separating the USSRfrom the Mideast oil. Naturally, the Communist-favoring liberals criticise Iran and Turkeys human rights practices.

Without our partnership with the ShahinShah, the USSR would have achieved complete occupation of the Mideast, and would control all of that oil. And you think oil is expensive today!

Khomeini and his successors have been far more brutal than the ShahinShah. They have killed more people than his police ever did, and they are cooperating with the Russians.

In addition, Iran recruits, trains, arms, supplies, funds and supports terrorists in Iraq who murder American soldiers every day. One of my contentions with our conduct of the Iraq war is that we have not punished Iran by killing a hundred Iranians for every one of our troops killed by their terrorists. I would start by dropping a thousand pound bomb through the roof of their President’s home one night. No nation may be permitted to kill our troops without massive retaliation.

Khomeini’s successors do the same as he did: they deny the Holocaust, and both preach and work actively for the destruction of Israel, including by funding Hamas and other terrorist groups in Lebanon, Jordan and the Gaza Strip, that set bombs and fire rockets into Israel every day.

Not to mention that Iran is building nuclear bombs and missiles that can not only deliver them to Israel, but also to Paris and London, so that Europe would be deterred when Iran fires nukes into Israel.

Yes, we were brutal with the ShahinShah, but we kept the USSR out of the Mideast, and raised the Iranian people to the highest educational and economic level in the Mideast.

Yes, I do equate Khomeini with Hitler, and yes, both of them wish genocide on our valued allies the Jewish people. Khomeini was every bit as brutal as Hitler with dissent inside his own country.

I had access to information and  overseas intelligence, which remains classified, about Iran when I co-authored a study projecting future conflicts for the Department of Defense 40 years ago, when the ShahinShah was in power.

That study accurately predicted every significant aspect of the current situation in the Mideast, from forty years ago.

Which makes me one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject.

I have not yet published my book on this subject because much of the information remains classified.

My parting comment is that when unknown and obscure foreign leaders write that they intend the unacceptable, we should pay attention. Iran says it will wipe Israel off the map. They are building the nukes and the missiles that can both vaporize Israel, and also deter Europe from retaliating.

We should pay attention.

Are you listening, Barack Obama?



  1. Hitler and Khomeni are different in that Hitler killed 6 million and was a crazy ass@&le..the ayatollah is a theocratic leader who believes deeply in his religion yes crazy but not a stone cold killer….Zman sends


    Not crazy? He says he wants to murder 6,000,000 Jews living in Israel with nuclear missiles and you say he believes deeply in his religion, a religion that Muslim leaders on American TV claim to be a religion of peace.

    He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers in Iraq. He has killed untold thousands of Iranians for disagreeing with him, funds terrorists that set off bombs and fire missiles in Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza and Israel that kill innocent civilians year after year, and you say he is not a stone cold killer?

    What is he then, a red hot killer?

    For all the evidence of piles of dead bodies prove he is a killer of civilians.

    The ayatollah is a theocratic leader who believes deeply in his religion and kills civilians.

    I am not comforted.

  2. ..Now thats a westerner speaking. I think the Aytollah is out to lunch yes..has he killed 6 million jews yet NO..or launched missiles NO..I am Navyman and believe if a soldier is harmed twofold on the enemy…let me ask you this WHO INVADED IRAQ…when war is declared good men die..they lay their life down for freedom…once you declare war civilians step in the line of fire….you cant compare civilian leader (khomenie ) to a military command (Hussein or Hitler)… diffrent leadership..the west believes so deeply in democracy they dont see religion as a political party..i think islam is idiocy but not all islamists are animals just yet…your link on my blog is Frankie the politician has a ring to it…Zman sends


    You are a Navy man, which I respect.

    I know it is not our military strategy to wait until after nuclear missiles have been used on us. Once you are dead, you cannot respond.

    Hitler was a civilian leader. In case you have not noticed, in Iran, Iraq, Germany and the US, it is the civilian leaders that order the military to attack.

    Iran kills our soldiers and you are defending them.

    In whose Navy are you serving?

  3. One does not have to wait for a zealot to kill 6 million people to equate him to one that already did. That is the point of history. Learn from it, or relive it.

    Saw your comment over at my site. Thanks.
    I’d be happy to exchange links.
    Truth, Lies and In Between

    You are in my blogroll links as Truth, Lies and In Between

    If you prefer 1idvet just let me know

  4. Great post.

  5. Frank

    No not defending Iran or Iraq or N Korea or any of them evil screwjobs that the world can do with out. But once you take a country by force, a certain amount of loss is expected. Thats what I am getting at. We as a miltary should NOT be about preemptive miltary strikes. Especially when it comes to Israel. 10 millions ARABS dont even recognize the Jewish right to exist, the west is not going to change that ever. Until Jesus Christ physically tells the arabs to leave them alone and I dont see that happening either. Here is an idea lets just leave the middle east be and let them fight it out. Democracy will never exist there,,neither will any sort of lasting peace. If they attack us We turn it into a parking lot . Problem solved…Zman sends

  6. Truth, Lies and In Between works.

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