Posted by: franklynchusa | February 25, 2009

Obama Copied 80 Percent of his State of the Union Speech from My Website

When I first posted my Presidential campaign website on July 20, 2007, Obama’s website contained only two ideas buried among thousands of words:  get out of Iraq in 90 days (gee, did he forget that?) and “Change” which he defined as Jimmy Carter’s ramblings from Carters 1976 campaign, but omitting Carter’s energy plan. Obama had no energy plan, jobs plan, or universal healthcare.

I ran for President, knowing the Democratic party machine would never let me on enough ballots to win, and posted because none of the Presidential candidates of either Party had any of the ideas that I considered most important at July 20, 2007, so I put all the missing ideas onto my website in the hope that politicians being, in their better days, plagiaristic copycats, would adopt my ideas.

I was so successful in that endeavor that most new readers have trouble believing that everything (except Kucinich had the same healthcare) on that campaign website was not in the speeches or websites of any other candidate, and today, more than half of what I posted now constitutes the core issues of President Obama.

Obama even stole my use of the word “Bold” to the extent that Obama’s speechwriters now use “bold” to describe him taking a leak.

MY TERRIBLE DISAPPOINTMENT AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, DISILLUSIONMENT, is that Obama merely uses the superficial headlines, not the true heart of the issues that I introduced to the Presidential campaign.

For example, when he copied Universal Healthcare, instead of making it single payer like Michael Moore, Kucinich, Opray Winfrey and I wanted, Obama sold out to the health insurance companies, thereby adding hundreds of billions to the cost and reducing coverage, but increasing the donations to his campaigns by the insurance industry.


  1. I was not impressed with the speech. There is far too much distance between what he says and what is actually happening.

    Marti Oakely/PPJ

  2. He borrowed your words?? No way… explains the massive suckage.

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